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Radiation poisoning ala directed energy weapons

Radiation poisoning ala directed energy weapons


The problem of getting dosed with ionizing radiation can be quickly understood by getting the following document from


In it, we come to understand that even a dose of just a few seconds, at the levels these weapons emit ala Jane’s Defense Weekly review, shows us they deliver a zap dose in mere seconds equivalent to being within 10 miles of a 25 kiloton nuclear device. Much bigger than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This means the body and every cell in it has had its water and other molecules flipped as it exists, thousands of times a second, creating cellular disruption and heat. Of which people are reporting just those effects. In short, you get the jolt of a nuclear weapon without all the destruction. It’s a terrible and satanic thing to have made.

And there is no undoing the damage. The entire apparatus that is our body is scrambled; that includes our repair and maintenance cells that got scrambled too.

On their own people, too.

It’s just simply murder.