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Putin/Russia has nothing to do with gas prices – NOTHING

Not Russia, the satanic NWO crowd did this to you. Wherever they may be found, and that’s always in your face, owning most of the small and ALL of the large businesses and ALL of politics and media.

First, since Sniffy was placed into the fake whorehouse in Culver City with the rest of the degenerates, gas in Ventura went from…

$2.89 per gallon to $4.79 per gallon BEFORE the fake and gay Ukraine blather. Since that time, the demonics have pushed it to, in Ojai valley, $6.99 per gallon. I’ve no doubt it will keep climbing all the way to full moon. Possibly beyond. It will never come back down again, other than a trifle, just to slam back up a week later. Watch and see.

Russia was just an excuse to speed things up. It takes the blame off the sniffy regime and puts it on the selected bad guy of the month, Russia. Understand? 

Gas in Mexico is $2.00ish per gallon. Let that sink in.

This is all about destroying the United States from within.,