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Proof that satanism rules the LEFT

This she male is in charge of Education in Arizona. She hates the Bible so much, she is being sworn in with her hand on a Dr. Seuss book. She wants to start kindergartners learning masturbation and sexual positions !

It is also a self declared witch.

This is the truth of things. You are dealing with SATAN.

Just remember that. Reason and logic are out the window. It’s just the beast and his minions destroying the fabric of decency.

It is not human, I guarantee it.
The satanic left is FLOODING EDUCATION with pedo grooming devils.

trans people are groomers and perverts who want to convert children to their mentally ill fetish. and the satanic state wants to help.

A great evil is behind the trans movement. Want more proof, this is what they are giving children in school now. TODAY.

Another freak deciding what the children learn.
They literally hate The Redeemer