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Proof that (satanism) liberalism really is a mental disorder

Wife has affair with another man, soy-boy raises child. wife continues to have affair, no kidding, so she can “express herself and not feel stifled.” the modern liberal family. Soyboy agrees, because his programming from early on is complete. Also, wife does not sleep with husband, because in her words, “it would be cheating on her backdoor man.”

Gay Antifa freakazoid. Covered in satanic tats. In gay circles adding semen is a common ingredient in the cake mix.

4 billion a year for illegals in Kali, no money for US citizens unless they are minorities. Whites get nothing.

Signs of satans little bitch followers And you never see Trump doing that – he and his wife are devout Christians. But there are the Hildebeast and Butt pirate Obama showing WHO THEY SERVE.

Jihadi killers and abominations. satanism is alive and well in America.

Human sacrifice. Their idea of worship, protected by law now.

Another gay soyboy.

the woman on her shirt is Marjory Cameron, the concubine of Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons. She is the matriarchal “hero” of witches everywhere. And one of the nastiest skank sluts ever to walk the earth since Jezebel.

In the new satanic meme, beta cuck males pose with what the homos call the “glory hole pose.” Guess what goes in there…

Witches routinely picket and make noise for abortion, a satanic sanctioned ritual murder of a child. Planned parenthood was the brainchild of the CIA and Anton Levey.

Women of a coven. Hate filled, hideous lesbians who hate the freedoms of America almost as much as Yeshua, our savior.

Young dudes run into all kinds of messed up women nowadays. And its no wonder men are shining on their fascist superiority laden attitudes and bullshite, millennials put out. who wants freak fest weirdism in the home, no normal man.

Our satanic world, sold to us by the CIA controlled MSM and School system

Sigil branding of men by witches, the latest thing. Look familiar? it should, the devils used this sigil in our daily life as the symbol of Bluetooth. Shows how deep and widespread the satanic control of earth truly is.

Hebrews are different from Ashkenazim, eastern euro Jewbies. Like night and day. One follows the Torah, the other, the satanic Talmud and Caballa.

And he thinks he’s cool. Of course, the nasty men hating skanks approve…while laughing behind his back. Poor fool.

the new meme…dump the white male, pimp out your daughters to bottom feeders. very few mixed marriages last. I only know of one, in Idaho, but they are special people, blessed. All others I’ve known about, the male ditched the woman as soon as she wanted responsibility and children. And mostly, these guys have nothing but contempt for these women – its a form of attacking the honky race.

Not just children’s fiction

Witches sigil branding..the latest thing, over tats. Tats can be laser removed. but not branding. THAT’S FOREVER.