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Private Vaults and Depositorys…a scam

Thing is this. Places that offer to store your gold and silver for you, no matter how sincere, will be THE VERY FIRST PLACE ANY GOVERNMENT WILL DESCEND UPON for asset seizure, which exceeds 40 billion a year in the US alone. And they will take it all, every thing they find, they’ll take it. Look it up, it’s a bad beat. More money and assets are stolen through seizure than through criminal enterprise, according to the FBI and you cannot do a thing to stop it, unwind it, or ever see it again. It’s a license to steal and they use it.
You don’t have to be guilty of a crime.
Now, when a government declares ownership of PMs limited to a certain amount or outright illegal in order to backup their bankrupt dollars, where do you think the VERY FIRST PLACE THEY WILL GO? Private vault depositories. They will go to these vaults, with armed federal agents and a truck and take it all. What a score that day will be, all over the country.
These vaults are a scam. You might just as well burn your money. Not to mention the ones that ARE SCAMS that take off with your cash, as is very often the case in the last 5 years. And those sites that pitch storing PMs in offshore vaults on the other side of the world? Do you think you can just show up and take your product?
Sorry…but in our times, it’s a fool’s play. 

Store it yourself and not in your house. Put it some place where only you can find it and you have access no matter what. At least then, you have a chance at keeping it, especially in our surveillance society. This isn’t the 1930s people: they see everything now. So you have to be smarter. If they know where it is, they will take it when the time comes. And you have to know that precious metal owners are most definitely on a list. And in our times, they no longer politely knock on doors – they kick them in, shoot the dog, and point machine guns at your children.

And if you think the rent a cops that work at these places will defend your investment, think again. Nothing is what they will do – they risk a dozen federal charges or death if they try to stop armed agents from illegally seizing precious metal storages. No one will do a thing other than eagerly open the doors, surrender their weapons, and help them carry it to their waiting trucks. For 12 bucks an hour no one is going to risk any prison or pain for someone elses gold. No vault is truly safe and secure, not in our age of asset seizure and bail-ins. Plus, what about the three vaults that turned out to be fake, pretending to store people’s gold but instead, running off with the money. One in Singapore and two in Texas?
This public service announcement has been brought to you by a sincere aspiration to see you keep what you’ve worked so very hard for.

if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.