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Police create crimes in Occupy Movement

I’ve been saying for YEARS that any organized protest is always infilitrated at the least, or created by network thugs at the outset. Joining protests just gets you setup for a fall planned by others. Anytime the system perceives a threat to its status quo, it will send in deep covers to subvert and then have it do illegal acts so the people so involved can be jailed and blackmailed.


Be advised.


Police infiltrators in Occupy Movement ‘bag and tag,’ identify and imprison, activists

Austin police infiltrators supplied the lock boxes for

the Occupy Houston protest in December.

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

Texas police officers not only appeared as members of the Occupy Movement in Houston, but Austin undercover police officers created the crimes that Occupiers in Houston are now charged with.

It is an alarming trend. In England, undercover police officers not only posed as social justice activists, but engaged in crimes and had sex with fellow activists, resulting in at least two children.

In Austin and Houston, police infiltrators are exposed in a new trend, with multiple police officers posed as activists within the Occupy Movement. Among the first police officers exposed, in video, in the Occupy Movement was Oakland police officer Fred Shavies.

Today, Democracy Now reports on the undercover officers in Texas.

“As Occupy Wall Street prepares to mark its first anniversary, members of Occupy Austin have discovered that their arrests on felony charges after a protest last December are directly linked to equipment provided by a police detective who infiltrated their group. The activists locked arms inside tubes made of PVC pipe that the police had designed, constructed and dropped off for the protest.”


State District Judge Joan Campbell told prosecutors she was “floored” that the Austin police officer’s role in the protest wasn’t disclosed until now. digitaltexan

The Houston Chronicle reports, ‘The bushy-haired, bearded protester called ‘Butch’ didn’t say much during the Occupy Austin planning sessions. Instead, he took members aside and pressed them to turn to more aggressive tactics, not a surprising strategy for a national grass-roots movement that has spawned hundreds of arrests. It turns out that Butch, however, wasn’t some wild-eyed activist intent on bringing down the top ‘1 percent.’ He was actually Austin police detective Shannon Dowell, working undercover with two other officers who had infiltrated the Austin branch of the protest movement.” chron.com

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