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Police Busted in Covid Fraud

The violent thugs who arrest and incarcerate for not wearing a mask. These LEO killers beat up, arrest, and generally ruin the lives of people who don’t mask up. And, as can be seen, in private, NONE OF THEM WEAR THE MASK.

If you can’t see through to the truth at this point, you’re a hopeless idiot.These devils bust people for going to church without a mask. Wake up.

THEY have divided themselves from the people, they look at the public with contempt, this is their training in action, they put on a uniform and become a psychopath, and they find it hard to put their inner psychopath down when in civvies and their attitude carries into their personal lives, they don the uniform and leave their mind at the door looking down at their soul in disgust as their body picks up the 30 pieces of silver for their crimes against humanity.