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Pilot deaths last year

Safe and Effective…at mass murder.

Do you believe the vax works? Have you been shilling for the weapon, mocking and belittling pure bloods and have yourself, been weaponized?

Take a moment.

You have taken a deadly bio weapon injection that has been tested for years under different names and research plans, and has already been proven to be HIGHLY DANGEROUS AND DEADLY. From this day forward to around 2 years from now, you will have to remain paranoid of your slowly clotting blood to finally land in a spot in your deteriorating system that will cause your excruciating demise.

The pilots took the weapon. All of them. Now, four to six die every single week, while IN THE AIR. Mostly small planes and choppers, but fortunately, jets have a copilot. Who is also jabbed. It’s a cockpit of death, awaiting the roulette cylinder to turn. Understand? The reason not many big jets are falling out of the sky is because of strict FAA rules regarding pilot sickness at time of flight. If the pilot feels unwell, they are supposed to ground themselves at once until cleared by a flight surgeon. A great many pilots got weaponized to keep their jobs, only to lose that same job because of the weapon; and also, their life. 

Something about irony might sound slightly disingenuous.

Just do an other than google search on bus driver crashes 2021. The pictures and stats are worse than pilots; but the percentiles are the same.

Your weaponized arrogance is a tragic and strange cope. Most pure bloods look upon the jibby jabbed as one does a relative who has stage 4 cancer; it’s just a matter of time. How many more heartbeats can your heart perform, pushing that toxic sludge that used to be your bright and happy blood supply around? Eventually, and somewhere, the sludge will bind upon itself and…

You might die in 2 years, you might die in the bathroom in 2 hours. That’s the cruelty of the Russian Roulette you have decided to play.

Pure Bloods don’t have to worry about the ticking bomb world that now is your body. Not at all.

When that agonizing paranoia of when the boogeyman in your blood is going to attack finally lands on your soul as an awareness,you’ll already know others did try to warn you. The very people you mocked, scorned, and turned away from your schools and businesses.

PS. Pure bloods will kill every single zombie they see, to survive, and that means you.


PS. I know about 30 people who are in varying stages of dying; they all took the weapon. Six have died in the last year.