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People say and teach, that this time period we live in is THE MOST SIGNIFICANT IN HUMAN HISTORY…UM…

Yahua-Yeshua is our blessing and strength

I’m loath to write this, but I cannot remain silent any longer. This is what I have seen, by reason and method of revelation at night, while my body was at rest, over the years. I am very much aware I will be taken to task and called all manner of names by both sides of the aisle. Satanists and Elect alike. I know this, but this doesn’t matter to me, the names and slanders and libels. These were given to me between 1999 and 2007, generally. With additions.

YHVH’S holy word says, as in the days of Noah (NOE). It may surprise many just what was going on in those days, because we are seeing what has always been, but now more OPENLY and mostly and exclusively, by the dark-side, the nimrod satanic nephilim, the bloodline of Lucifer.

  • Nuclear weapons, deployed by select nations AGAINST THEIR OWN PEOPLES. The USA will do this and Los Angeles is one of the select cities to suffer such a fate. These ultimate false flags will be blamed on patsy nation states in which there is no central bank controlled by the Rothschilds. Iran, North Korea, etc.
  • Tidal waves, which have come to pass twice in 2004 and 2011. More to come and they have planned for it.
  • Muslim war within the west, against christian nation states. This is now coming to pass with all this immigration business by Jihadist killers flooding the west by the millions yearly. The real killings have yet to begin, and the courts, LEO, and military are complicit in this warfare.
  • Flagrant and open satanism in public. Again, this in the last two years is just now beginning to slowly come out of the shadows, mainly under the guise of festivals in small towns like Ojai and Burning Man, to appear all at once, on a witches sabbat, everywhere and tolerated under the now accepted conditioning and control of tolerance and hate crime laws that allow the worst kind of  sodomy, murder, and rape. People will actually do animal sacrifices of animals, in public parks and yards, under their declared protection of religious practices. From there, it will become human sacrifice, as mind controlled victims will declare and give over signed consent to be sacrifice. It will happen first in Oklahoma, San Francisco, and New Jersey.
  • 666 is in every signage now and adorns every festival banner in some way, indicating who the show runners are and what their spiritual and energetic intent is.
  • More and more Christians, who are truly one with the father, are being openly setup, persecuted, killed, and imprisoned. This will become so commonplace that by 2020, Christians will hide their faith, stop attending churches, out of fear of persecution. As it is in Muslim countries, a death sentence. It will be a regular thing, as so many vile things are now, to hear of Christians being openly murdered on public streets. Even now, admitting the faith is a surefire way of never being hired for a job.
  • All public jobs will be held by gays and lesbians. This is now the case in California, but soon, will be everywhere at once, not just starbucks and such places. The post office only hires gays and lesbians now, as do UPS and FEDEX. This will spread to every corporate business, where contact with the public requires a person. That person will be gay. It has already begun and it began with starbucks, a satanic company run by witches and murderers.
  • Using the EPA and Forst Service-BLM, county after county in every state will evict home and land owners from their legally and rightfully owned domiciles to be pushed into the overcrowded cities. Stalwarts and holdouts will be shot down and assassinated by federal LEOs. Again, this already started in 2003 and continues.
  • It will come to pass, that vaccine induced plagues, blamed on the UNVACCINATED, will sweep across certain regions. Laws will quickly be passed in those states that have yet to require FULL AND MANDATORY VACCINATION OF ALL CITIZENS. They will kill hundreds of thousands to achieve their endgame of sour blood and body. Like satanic, multi-generational nephilim, they want all people, everywhere, to have sour blood so that the Holy Spirit of Yeshua cannot find a clean temple. That is the point of vaccines – the eviction of Holy Spirit from the human host. Secondarily, to poison, kill, maim, and make autistic those whose bodies cannot fight off the horrific toxins being directly injected in the body, at the order of the state.
  • Medical procedures, secretly available now, but soon, openly…will become available that allows DNA mixing of certain genes from animals that will, they say, increase longevity, protect against certain cancers, restore youthfulness, and increase intelligence. These will be the sell points. This has not happened publicly yet, but it is ALREADY HAPPENING. These chimera humans will be lauded as the next step in evolution and will be the rage of media, like transgenders are now.

I’ll finish this later, because I am sick to my stomach.