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Patriot Fraud

And wearing badges does not make them glow less. The tall guy on left is the SPIC, they all are looking at him. Total FBI operation.

You can see 2 black men there, I thought this group was for whites only considering they’re a “white nationalist organization”. This is false front lightening rod, to create and instill in the public’s mind that highly organized and well funded groups of evil racist white men are afoot in America and must be stopped at all costs or else!!! They have to do this, because there are no highly organized groups of evil white men in this country; white people, especially men, are just a target of the satanic left and they teach that in our schools, the media, any chance they can to push open race hatred.

 And of course, the media is running this night and day as in 

SEE SEE Evil White Men want to kill us in our beds!

When the federal government mandates diversity so much that their faux white supremacist shells have to have black people in it to meet quotas. White supremacists? With black guys? What, did they think by having them wear long johns with long sleeves is going to hide what they really are? From us?

If it glows, it’s feds. Every time.
They’re so heavily programmed kill bots, they can’t break with their group think to consider even dressing different. Sure. White Supremacist group; right out of Quantico recruitment, special detail assignment to destroy their own kind.

 They even move as a well trained tactical group, with riot tactic training. Totally Fed Gimps.