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Only 1 gallon of water…

 I’ve been using a water distiller, to remove the fluoride, for 2 decades. Last night, as one does, I cleaned out the distiller as one must, so it continues to function as designed. Not doing so will end the distiller and your clean, pure water.

This morning, I distilled one gallon. This was the residue of a single gallon. ONE.

The thing is coated so heavily, it looks like I didn’t clean it at all. In fact, it looks like the amount of fluoride is what you would expect from 20 or 30 gallons.

We scraped one gallon once, many years ago, it came out to half a gram of fluoride. In our water, every gallon. This time it was 3.5 grams. For a single gallon.

That’s enough fluoride to turn the pineal gland from a shiny geode of crystals (which is what a healthy pineal gland looks like, when cut open), to a lump of black snot. That’s what fluoride does. It flat out kills any chance of visually or aurally interacting with the etheric dimension. Outright, that ends. And once that happens, finish. As far as feeling and seeing goes, clairvoyantly. 

So, they have really upped the spirit death of us with heavy doses of fluoride. And I know it’s fluoride – for all you satanic doubt attackers who will say these are just normal minerals. The brown stuff is normal minerals, of all kinds. That white stuff, is fluoride. It’s been tested.

And if you ingest any of it, it kills you flat out. 

The USA and Australia gets 100% of its fluoride from China, as its a deadly toxin to manufacture. I covered this in a video about ten years, on youtube. They took it down last year.

Those water spots on your cars and windows, fluoride. When I was on a well, I never had to hand dry my truck. No water spots. Clean water.

And remember, the agents of the lawless one will tell every lie they can think up to dispute this. Search your heart, test it for yourself. If you take it to a college, don’t tell them you are testing for fluoride. They will lie to you. Just say your curious about it, and would like to know. If you have a chemistry student in the family, have them throw it on the gas chromatograph.