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Ojai in the spring…

Ojai Valley from Shelf Road, looking dead on east, abouts Grandview ( a street I used to live on-amazing times then-in 2005)

Ojai Valley looking South, South east, Shelf road spot. Perfect Spring day. Hard to believe all this burned down not five months ago. You can see why I call landscapes like this and others, Dad’s cathedral. It’s heaven to me, if you close your eyes to the nephilim infestation. Which, of course, I do not. But up here, they cannot be seen. A great blessing to us all. click on the pics for a larger size.
Ojai Valley looking South east, Shelf road spot.Just below me, is a spot that looms large in my own personal lore, regarding a spiritual day beyond imaginings and which is immortalized by a great stone, placed in a park in the CENTER OF TOWN, by the network, who saw the whole thing from airplane. Event was in March, stone-weighing some many tons-was moved to park in November of 2005.
Nathan and I, on fire road, Shelf. Light walking hiking is good for the tummy muscles, in prep for the cutter. So, here I am, double plus good with the view and all. memorial weekend. In memorium of all my brothers who gave it all for truth over the years, I bow to you and your boundless courage in the race we must all run, one day.
Kitty Picture for all the ladies out there who love these little fur-balls. Mike and Tink, sleeping on Randy’s bed. They are very close, are very loving, and are great at keeping the varmints, rats, and snakes from being nasty things that get under foot.