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Oh the joy of diversity. Aloha Snakbar!

London Murder Rate Overtakes New York Amid Spike In Stabbings, Shootings

London has surpassed New York City’s murder rate for the second month in a row, due mostly to a spike in knife crime and shootings which left 115 Londoners dead in February – nine of whom were age 30 or younger, and 82 dead in March vs. New York City’s 21, according to the Sunday Times.

Highest Jihadi migration numbers in Europe, and also highest murder numbers in Europe

While both cities have around 8.5 million people, NYC’s murder rate has dropped by around 87% since the 1990’s, while London’s has grown approximately 40% in just three years – not including deaths from terrorist attacks. Experts have credited the NYPD’s zero-tolerance policing model driving down the homicide rate in NYC from around 2,000 deaths in 1990 to 230 last year.
London, however, is experiencing a spike in violent crime.

Why do you think London has a higher murder rate than New York? What changed? Go on, guess.
Interpol did an international study years ago that found the blacker the skin the more crime there was.  Skin color was the strongest link to crime: not poverty, lack of education, density of housing, intelligence, supposed discrimination or all the myriad of other excuses for criminal behavior folks like you point to.

Like Europe – you should wake up before it’s too late.

The Jihadi has only one mission, to kill non-Jihadis. They have taken the death oath. Your death.

It’s why the satanists are bringing them over by the millions per year to western society. To kill off the remaining shreds of a YHVH and Yeshua connected people, whom they are taught to hate and kill.

London 30 years ago had a murder rate of less than 5 people a year. Now its in the thousands. It’s mostly black on white crime, sad to say.

What do you expect from London’s Major Sadiq Khan who wants to destroy western culture?!
Berlin is next

But, lets do some jingoistic catch phrases the CIA came up. All together now

Stronger together! (it’s true, company strength deployments of Jihadists are very effective of wiping out any opposition in a small town and raping most of the young ladies)

White people are evil (Obama said so, must be true)

 No jobs for whitey! (there aren’t anymore, all go to migrants and people of color, look around)