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Oh Happy Day, we are both home safe…

Thank you one and all

Randy was finally released from the BHC hellhole yesterday and I am home almost at the same hour. I was supposed to stay till Saturday, but the staff at Suncoast was so rude, vicious, smirking, and downright terrible, had to leave. They stole clothes, razors, you name it. From my room, when I was out. We found 3 bugs, which we made go away.

North Vegas, from hotel room. Only redeeming feature of this place.

I cannot say how much all your prayers mean to us, because there is no way to use words, with how I feel inside of all the love you all have shown and demonstrated for us all. I would be here all day, thanking each of you in turn, as is deserved. Thing is, still in the middle of this – Randy and I – in our own ways, and both healing from very rough fiendish thingies.

As it stands now, I am bedridden, cut to pieces as it were. Bilateral Hernia Surgery is no picnic. But, it can save your life. 60,000 people die a year from this, by not getting surgery in time.