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Official NASA photographs confirm all Apollo Moon missions were faked.

Over 48 years on from events that never took place, there are still many gullible people who believe that men went to the Moon and back in 1968, and 6 months later landed on it, so here is the evidence which proves otherwise.

In the 1970’s many people worldwide had serious doubt that the Moon landings were for real, but there was no material available upon which to base an investigation, other than the few photo’s in a limited number of fictional/fantasy books which endorsed Apollo.

In 1995 the INTERNET brought about the full expose of NASA’s 27 year scam, as people worldwide now had full access to NASA’s web site pictures, and could see for themselves how the pictures had been doctored with false backgrounds. Before 1995 it was not possible to see these pictures, and that was because most of them had not even been made, (see APOLLO FAKE site). However all are now available.

There has been a lot of “faking” in the past, remember the Cottingley fairy photographs? Many war photo’s were faked for propaganda purposes, and lets face it women have been “faking it” for years, albeit in their partners company, unlike NASA who involve the whole world. Anyone “faking” it can only do it for so long before being uncovered, 48 years is way past the mark, which only makes the saga appear more ridiculous than what it did back in 1968.