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NYT disinformation specialist Bret Renaud smoked by Ukraine

many times the vermin hoax their deaths to gain sympathy when things go against them; like their bs hoax invasion.

Of course he was CIA; you have to be in order to be a top shelf journo in our time.

He was killed because of his camera. I mean, even important Ukrainians was arrested/killed because of the camera. Ukrainian forces think that everyone with a camera is a Russian spy.

SBU (Ukrainian special police, Gestapo) also 24)7 check phone line and maybe internet to find who send army current Ukrainian forces coordinates to Russians.

So, yeah. I can say 100% that this journalist was killed by Ukrainians. Same goes to sky news and the other journalist who were “robbed by Russians” wink wink in a fully controlled by Ukraine region. Even when the Ukrainians are shooting at them, they STILL shout to the roof tops its muh Russkies.

There also is a deeper side to all this. Dead American reporters makes for a phake and ghay reason for the west to step in to stop the bla bla bla.

It’s all done by Ukrainians. Freedom of the press isn’t freedom from consequences; and the world no longer has a free press, only media outlets under the total control of each country’s war and intelligence apparatus. By definition, he was a combatant and got shot.


As I was finishing this up, this was proved out as confirmed that he was killed by Ukrainians. Their car was attacked by gun fire from a Ukrainian “checkpoint”. It’s nothing unusual. They’ve been murdering a lot of people in the same way. Just earlier today a family of 2 was murdered in the same way.


Everyone going to put blame on Russians.

NYT trying to spin it to Russia, but Ukraine cannot afford to have the NYT see the deaths for what they are: a terror pogrom against their own people. Someone will spill the beans, especially when the gestapo and AZOV killers are shooting anyone with a camera.
Operation Mockingbird asset – CIA
Mounting evidence by the tons that it was friendly fire, Ukrainian SBU gestapo strikes again. Same reason as the redditor take out; can’t have reporters revealing the truth. Shooting down your own people is such bad optics.