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nurses are serial killers

This woman, this nurse, is a murderer. Her and her friends are murderers.
Where was this indignation when it was the lives all the people that were murdered under her watch? Why didn’t she stop it, once she knew better, as she is doing FOR HERSELF.

These kind have no problem watching others die; they took the 3800 a week payday for vaxxing the naive and programmed. You watched them die, the morgue filling up daily. And you did NOTHING. Until the gun was aimed at YOU.

And now they want us to poor baby them and the loss of their job. Honey, you are a serial killer. Your friends are serial killers.

Nurses are serial killers, in our time. If you work at a hospital, you know everything that is going on FOR REAL at the place. Can’t say, that wasn’t my floor. Gossip in a hospital, like any group setting, spreads fast. She knew.