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Nurse Collapses on Live Television shortly after receiving COVID-19 VACCINE

 The thing is, you’ll take the vax or you will not be cleared to shop, go to work or to school. What are you going to do then when you cannot live unless you take the shot?

Self replicating nano technology to assemble and reassemble inside our bodies … yeah that is not even an option for the remnant or the awakened.

Bell’s Palsy (a facial paralysis side effect of the “vaccine”) and Vagus nerve shutdowns both involve important nerves coming directly from the brain in the area of the face and neck. Bell’s Palsy is assumed to be triggered by a virus (not a specific one) and the vagus nerve thing is scary af.
It’s not “just fainting”. The vagus nerve controls the heartbeat among other things.

Their most likely injecting people with poisonous chemicals other than the virus. Interesting enough how they will not release an ingredient list of what is inside the vaccine. Gates wants us to take the vaccine, so he can see how many people will survive it. In other words, he has been planning to wipe out 20% of the US population. This is the set up for the new world order. He originally applied for a Microsoft patent on the coronavirus in 1999 with it being labeled with the triple six.

This vaccine has horrible life threatening side effects, but now they’re saying it doesn’t prevent the disease, just lessens the symptoms when you get it. What kind of worthless vaccine is that?!

Have you noticed the seasonal influenza has disappeared. Every year we all know someone that has the flu. The flu has been renamed covid 19.

There is already legislation in place that prevents anyone from suing big pharma and any of the companies involved if you get sick or die from the vaccine!

Personally, I want nothing to do with any vaccine, let alone one that is designed to CHANGE my RNA or DNA. That’s what these mRNA vaccines will do, and is reported not to be reversible. No long-term effect studies. Nadda. Plus, people need to see this as well which includes info on Moderna (Bill Gates funded). Moderna has NEVER BEFORE created ANY vaccine……this will be their first.