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Not leaving DC until August 7th…say the Dem witches from Texas

The black sabbaths of the Damned

Don Bradley

Ahh… The witches black sabbath of mid summer. Of course the congress people key all their big TELLS and moves near or on these dates.

The Black Sabbaths are as follows:

There is the MAIN DATE, then the period of. Which is 3 days before, day of, 3 days after.

  • Samhain (aka Sowyn or Hallows or the Festival of the Dead): a Greater Sabbat, October 31.
  • Yule (aka Midwinter, the Winter Solstice): a Lesser Sabbath, December 21.
  • Imbolc (aka Candlemas, Oimelc or Brigit): a Greater Sabbath, January 31.
  • Ostara (aka Lady Day, the Spring or Vernal Equinox): a Lesser Sabbath, March 21.
  • Beltane (aka May Eve): a Greater Sabbath, April 30.
  • Litha (aka Midsummer, the Summer Solstice): a Lesser Sabbath, June 22 (.
  • Lughnasadh (aka Lammas or Lunasa): a Greater Sabbath, Aug 7th..
  • Mabon (aka Modron or Harvest Home, the Autumn Equinox): a Lesser Sabbath, September 21.

Four of the Sabbaths fall on the solstices and equinoxes, and are also known as “quarter days” or “Lesser Sabbaths”. The other four fall (approximately) midway between these and are commonly known as “cross-quarter days”, “fire festivals” or “Greater Sabbaths”. The quarter days are also referred to as “Sun Sabbaths” (as they are based on the astronomical position of the sun), and cross-quarter days are sometimes called “Moon Sabbaths”, and may be observed on the full moon closest to the traditional festival date (or the second full moon after the preceding Sun Sabbath). The ritual observances of the full moon within Witchcraft and other Witchcraft -influenced forms of Neo-paganism are known as Esbats. Traditionally, the Sabbaths are times of dark celebration, while “magical work” is done at the Esbats.  

These hideous events fall on these dates for the extra satanic power they receive and the veil is thinner at these times, than on any others. This does not preclude them from doing their own rituals (and they DO A LOT), for their own satanic agendas as needs be. 

These events involve human sacrifice of children, orgies, blood letting, and murder. It involves the very worst of demonic forces released into our dimension, which is the point, after all.



Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C., to avoid voting on voter integrity bills, abortion restrictions, and restrictions on biological males participating in girls’ sports are reportedly angry that President Joe Biden has not yet accepted their invitation to meet. They have declared they won’t leave until the sabbath of Lughnasadh and sacrifices are complete.

They are also reportedly begging supporters for “care packages” — according to a Dallas Democratic coalition — despite splashing out a reported $1.5 million on their stay in the nation’s capital. 

They always show their hand. Once you understand dates, reasons, and their code, their satanic ways become painfully obvious.