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⁣Dr Kaufman, “There is no clinical test authorized, approved or available for purchase, for any variant.”

There are no medical examiners, no coroners, no doctors, no scientists anywhere in the world who have actually come forward to show that they have found a real instance of this alleged virus particle existing within any human body or sampled from any human body whether that body is dead or alive. The inventor of PCR clarified that this tool is only a multiplication procedure, that it is incapable of diagnosing the presence of disease, and that it is incapable of confirming the presence of a virus particle that has never previously been purified, never examined, and never characterized by anyone. All producers of injections have already confirmed that their products will never prevent disease and will never prevent transmission of disease, because these injections are never intended nor designed to do so.

People can be found in 2 basic groups.


I believe there’s a dangerous airborne virus that is actively trying to harm the human body.
I believe we should use toxic drugs to fight the virus and destroy it.
I believe that a virus can be inhaled to cause a disease.
I believe that a virus travels between people.
I believe that once a virus starts doing bad things, that this same inert nonliving virus then somehow magically changes its mind and makes a new decision to stop killing us.


I think that a virus is essentially just an exosome (natural cell excretion).
I think a virus is made by our body internally and it does not come from outside our body.
I think each of our bodies contains trillions of viruses every day, and this is normal.
I think that a virus helps us clear out cell waste that predictably builds up while we are living.
I think that no one has ever demonstrated that a virus can be the starting cause of disease, because it just happens as a normal helpful reaction after extra toxicity occurs.


Whenever someone completes a properly conducted control experiment, the first group is shown to be wrong and the second group is shown to be correct.

Whenever we prevent financial conflicts of interest, prevent employment intimidation, and prevent data fraud, the first group is shown to be wrong and the second group is shown to be correct.

Whenever a debate involves honest transparent presentation of all relevant facts without straw man, the first group is shown to be wrong and the second group is shown to be correct.

Across the recent 40 to 50 years military groups have been developing millimeter wave equipment operating at high frequencies that can be radiated at groups of people as a tool for crowd control. The strong pattern of results from these projects shows a noticeable increase of symptoms very similar to hypoxia and altitude sickness, as known and intended by the weapon developers.

This radiation is transmitted at over 1,000,000,000 hertz, with the STATED GOAL of harmfully degrading the quality and quantity of oxygen that is absorbed by the human body. This damage is EXPECTED and DESIRED to create a condition similar to novel pneumonia with an unpredictable variety of symptom intensities for different people.

During the recent 2 years there is abundant evidence confirming new switching on of millions of 5G towers around the world in school buildings and along street corridors and within office buildings, and these installations are very similar in technology and operation to that same military equipment. There is abundant evidence confirming that the first large scale metropolitan activation of 5G occurred about 2 years ago in Wuhan, China; in Lombardy, Italy; in Los Angeles; in Seattle; in NYC, and in other places. And this large scale equipment activation was then followed by a remarkably consistent timed pattern of announcing so-called virus outbreaks in these very same regions.

There are abundant reports of illness correction for people who have consumed inexpensive approved medicines and nutrition (i.e., hydroxychloroquine, zinc, Zithromax, vitamin D, vitamin C, etc) which historically show a pattern of successfully treating conditions very similar to hypoxia or altitude sickness, which are the same destructive conditions that are INTENTIONALLY caused in a human body by 5G technology, as SPECIFIED by the builders of this radiation equipment.