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New Vax Weapon information

Who would have thought “they” would have been audacious enough to give people shots that took the iron out of their blood to build something with at the injection site (and probably elsewhere)?

Who would have thought they’d slander and blacklist anyone who caught onto this, just so they could continue screwing people over with blood clots caused by this attack on their blood, to get the raw materials needed to build whatever the elite wanted?

The vaccine does not have enough liquid volume to create the effects we are seeing, even if it was pure ferrofluid. What is going on with people is far beyond the basic shot and it’s base ingredients. Magnets need either something large to attract to, or something in their immediate vicinity to stick to something, many of the magnets being shown in the magnet stick videos are too week to grab anything through a piece of fabric, we are dealing with something serious with this vax –

Trolls have attacked this topic, saying “I am wrong with my assessment” when I am clearly NOT. This vax is making magnets stick to people. That is solidly proven, it is not theory, it is fact. It is also NOT theory that there is no magnetic liquid that could be injected into people at 0.5 to 1.0 ML volume at the depth the needle puts it that would have any chance at all of having even the strongest magnets stick to it from the length of an entire needle away. This means whatever is in that shot is designed to gather a magnetic substance, and the ONLY THING THE BODY HAS that could be grabbed like that is the iron in the blood. And the blood does not like being raped, so it clots as a defense mechanism.

There is no way out of this folks, that’s the whole deal from start to finish. The perverts who made the shot are so far off the deep end they could care less if massive numbers of people clot up and die from having their blood raped to build whatever the perverts want, and they don’t care, THIS PICTURE PROVES THEY DON’T CARE. 

Jim Stone