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When they knock on your door, be polite, ANSWER but do not give a good view of your house. If they ask to enter, say you are in the middle of cleaning and keep them at the door without saying no. When they say who they are smile and tell them you got the Johnson vax in June and had no problems. In addition to this, if they ask about your neighbors, rat out the leftist (this will be the problem maker) and say they are totally anti vax. SCREW UP THEIR DATA AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

DO have a no soliciting sign and that is all. When you are cheerful at the door, it will prove double acceptance of what they have when they see the no soliciting sign, which we already know they will ignore.

Get on their good side and screw up their data as much as possible. As long as they do not enter, they do not need to know you are anti vax, no, you are PRO VAX. Stay off the books!

Do not let them enter, especially if they have police escort. Once you let the police in they WILL hunt for “problems” and chances are you’ll go to jail for something they invent, any money they find will likely be taken and your guns will probably be gone. The sky will be the limit for whatever they decide to do, America has the most corrupt police outside of Africa (comparable to Africa) – Mexican police are total angels by comparison regardless of what you are told. I have seen both, Mexican police are a LOT LESS corrupt than American cops were even 10 years ago. American police are so corrupt that other nations issue travel warnings and I MEAN EVEN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. NEVER let a cop in without a warrant, EVER, and don’t mention that they need one. Play stupid, busy, and “not enough time”.

I have had plenty of encounters with Mexican police. I have been pulled over 5 times now and it is not the same deal, it is just simply not the same. I was scared the first couple times but after that realized they are leagues above American cops. If you EVER get an American cop at your door over a vaccine issue, you had damn well better walk on eggshells and DO NOT let them in NO MATTER WHAT.

ADDITIONALLY, if you let a vax goon in or any other goon in other than the cops, and then the cops show up, the goon can let them in, even without a warrant or your permission. NEVER LET ANY OF THEM IN, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Sample conversation (improvise)

Hi! I am from the Vax Brigade! How are you doing?
“I am short time right now, what do you have?” “We are here to inform you about the vax”.
“Oh, I just had the Johnson vax in June, and I am fine, thanks for your concern!”
“Have your neighbors been vaxxed?”
“I don’t know about all of them but I do know (point at the leftist troublemaker’s house) that they are skeptical. I don’t know why, I had no problems”.
“Insert additional random question from vax goon”
Your response – “I have a lot to do” or “I have to go pick up the kids” or “I am in the middle of cleaning” and “THANK YOU for chatting!”, take any promotional crap they might have and tell them you’ll share it, and THANK YOU. Then be done with them as politely as possible.

If they ask you for proof of the vax, pretend to look for it, even on your phone and say, “oh, I was not ready for this! Even take this part as far as letting them scroll your photos and when nothing shows up, say, “Oh, it is probably on the other phone, my spouse (might) have it.” Your spouse, (if they really push it) does not have to know where the “other” possibly even nonexistent phone is. Make sure your spouse knows you’ll be answering the vax goons this way, and be on the same page.

Coming off as ROCK STUPID rather than smart will also help enormously, you do not need to impress them.

This is WAR and those who sent these people intend to harm you. Honesty is stupidity while facing this kind of threat. Help everyone. Screw their data.