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New? Omicron Variant was going to be unleashed in May 2022

They moved it up. Remember the Klaus pic I put up early in the year and the variant chart that was published on this site in late summer 2020? JS put the two together and now we have…

This is ALL A PLANNED GENOCIDE of the human race, with DNA targeting specific racial groups THEY WANT WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. 

The real VARIANT is NOT a virus, but the booster shot of Death and Demonic they want in our bodies. That’s the great truth of “variants.” It’s the injections. It was always the injections, not some mythical virus wandering around Saharan villages in Sudan, that is now spreading.

Can’t anyone see this. They are repeating Jan/Feb’s 2020 playbook of a deadly virus moving around on planes and cruise ships. Listen to what they’ve been saying since the last FULL MOON, when they started all this Omicron Death Virus blather. That spell and hexing won’t have the same effect as it did 2 years ago. Too many are aware, are with Christ, and now see all this as an effrontery to their intelligence.

Please see this for what it is and wake up as many as you can. That they moved this up, means they are changing their own playbook to get things done in a hurry, the little stinkers. Anyone wants to booster you is a murderer trying to kill you and is no different then someone breaking into your house to rape and murder your family.

David Bowie – the Borg Variant. 1999; that’s how long this was planned. Predictive Programming. This death cycle and variants and all the ugly details have been in the can for years and years. The Nomad Soul? Damn…