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Nasty witch forces young boy to watch abominations

This is a half and half family. An adamic father and a nephilim mother, a witch. This is how they corrupt the children when Daddy is at work. Los Angeles phreak parade of sodomy.


Homophobia doesn’t exist. The visceral reaction heterosexuals have regarding homosexuals is Not fear. It is righteous disgust and outrage that something so vile as a phreaks (pedophile) exists at all. Being disgusted by phreaks (pedophiles) is totally based and red pilled. You phreaks just use the term homophobia to make your weak selves feel powerful, when in reality you are weak hedonists/child molesters. Weak in body and weak in mind and wholly damned by your Edomite satanic father, Lucifer.

They were the first to offer up their Children to Moloch and Baal.

“INSANE: LA Pride performer offers ‘lube’ to children”


“Happy Pride. We have bandanas and lube,” the drag queen said, as children in attendance watched the float go by.” Bringing their kids, little kids, to displays like this.

“KIDS AT PRIDE LA: Lots of children being exposed to hyper sexual and pornographic themes here at Pride LA in Hollywood CA”