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Nashville Bomb Detail UPDATED DAILY

Proof the Satanic cabal knew about it (CIA) and were warning people.
This was posted on the witches sabbath. BIG REVEAL.

BREAKING 12-26-20 DB

2 explosions – the diversion RV bomb, the real bomb IN THE BUILDING.


The suspect’s name is Anthony Quinn Warner, aged 63, resident of Antioch, TN. QUICK ARCHIVE ALL SOCIAL MEDIA.

I guess this is one way to spend Nimrod morning…

This was no lone nut Trump Supporter and or whomever else they are going to patsy over this thing. This was clearly an arranged take out of an NSA hub–and there are 8 of them spread all over the country. there was an explosion underground that damaged the sub levels of the building which doesn’t make sense if it was just a car bomb.
That building Nashville AT&T backbone is based in is actually owned by Cerebus Capital…who also own Dominion Voting Systems.

Cerberus is run by Staple Street Execs. Joe Bidens Bro in Law is the co founder of Staple Street

Staple street is run by former Cerberus Execs but also former Carlyle Group execs. Cerberus and Carlyle need no intro here on GLP.

Remember who benefited from MH370 disappearance? Freescale Semiconductor got the patent as a result of the 4 Chinese dudes dying. Freescale is owned by Cerberus 

This is not a “residential lofts building” like the media keeps saying. Judging by the cooling equipment on top of the target building they have some extremely serious IT infrastructure in there. So some info about the ATT building. It’s a major data center. If it were destroyed communications including the internet would go down for at least large swaths of the population. It’s also an NSA server hub location for spying on citizens and any telco usage of any kind. See below for details.

Antifa has a history of domestic bombings in USA. Over 1900 actually. How many bombings have been blamed on the fake “right wing”?

terror was not the goal here, so we’re left with a few options. was it done to temporarily disrupt aspects of the communications network (911, air traffic) as an aspect of something bigger? doubtful, it would be difficult to predict the effectiveness this attack would have in severely crippling the network. For example, Nashville police say they didn’t start experiencing widespread issues with the 911 system until 12pm.

FBI blames this on christian Trump and Q supporters. As foretold.

Nashville NSA post monitoring Georgia senate election blinded

Major hub for NSA, took out many networks, right now.
FBI operative giving hand sign to others, that he is on the job making sure their bomb plot blames the right patsies.


Google street view within 2 minutes blurs street location. WHY?
185 2nd ave Nashville
Uh oh, is it a bomb or the tanks in storage there?
How the CIA does a color revolution, now being done in the USA.
Looks like a gas explosion. No craters.
No crater. No High Explosive then. This was a gas explosion. But, they will use this to paint Trump Christians as fanatics. Even after all the buildings and bombings BLM and Antifa did, with no real arrests and ZERO convictions.
The building was a LTC NSA site, as well.
Explosion came from WITHIN THE ATT BUILDING. If it were an RV bomb, as they say, there would be a crater and wheels, frame, axles, everything visible. There are NO car parts anywhere to be seen. Until they plant some, that is. Which they will, cuz they are already going with white supremacist bomber.
Color revolution playbook item. This is CIA.
Remember this setup? A few years back. FBI caught framing Trump supporters.
other side of the building and again, this was internal. Someone took out their little spy center. This was professionally done. Most telephone exchanges in the USA and UK have a gas chamber (not that kind) in them, along with a lot of fuel for the back up kit. In theory, there should be adequate protection for any exchange’s gas equipment but in reality most of them are falling apart.
Bomb NSA site came with a public warning. How nice of them. he specifically says that they put out “emergency communications” and “announcements.” That’s what you hear in loudpseaker video. We know this isn’t the recording that they heard because he says that the recording specified that the bomb would go off in 15 minutes. In the loudspeaker video it just says “evacuate the area.” Clearly the loudspeaker in the infamous video is from the police who were conducting evacuation protocols and NOT from the alleged recording that the police heard themselves when they first arrived on the scene.
The explosion sees to be coming from behind the street lamp, not the orange vehicle in the center. Also, there is NO RV anywhere, as the pigs are claiming.
Whoever set of this bomb just crippled the entire AT&T network across the area seen on the screenshot. Channel 5 now reporting widespread AT&T outages.
Looks like they got the battery backup. Servers are failing now. Nobody allowed in there, water flooding the building, backup power out, service is starting to fail.
Looks like the attack was successful.


And not a single conviction. Not A ONE. ALL ANTIFA BLM. This is the Oregon wildfires all over again. the FBI came out in less than one day and said it wasn’t antifa and we were all stupid conspiracy theorists spreading misinfo. We need to throw the FBI into the ocean and toss in a bucket of chum to bait the sharks in. The FBI are the enemy of the people. You vermin should have a firecracker shoved into your large intestine and lit.
Patsy RV The frame unfolds. PS it’s not the same RV. Look very close. The side windows of the RV in Nashville are same. At Warners, they are different sizes and offset.
Patsy home
Michelle L Swing
Warner gave her his house in 11/25/20
She lived on S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA Also known in LA as SKID ROW.
Patsy home #2 The frame unfolds. PS it’s not the same RV. Look very close. The side windows of the RV in Nashville are same. At Warners, they are different sizes and offset.
>ANTIOCH, TN 37013-5050
Go to the street view, the RV appears to be there

Patsy Warner reported his RV stolen 2 weeks ago. He was murdered for this op.

FBI planting evidence pic from 3 days ago. No RV anywhere. This guy is/was setup. Can you say Oswald?
OPERATION BLIND ALLEY. This has CIA written all over it.
Poor dude has no idea what was coming when he sold his RV to agent Johnson.
Explosion was from below

option A: someone blew up an RV

option B: there was a gas leak in the at&t building that managed to vaporize only the RV (on video) and they had a single street lamp say “there is a bomb in this RV evacuate immediately,” play recordings of gunshots, play a countdown, and play music as part of their “smart warning system” in a bid to cover up their mistake, colluding with the local, state, and federal police to cover it up, and seemingly succeeding in fooling just about everybody except a handful of schizophrenics on 4chan, and then naming an “Anthony Quinn Warner” as a person of interest in order to send a coded message or something like that.

option C: Gas was released and used to help cover the detonation of high explosives either placed or by drone (not likely on the drone, but possible.) The RV is a patsy setup, like the Murrah building job.

Which of the above is most likely, given the VISUAL PROOF provided on this site?