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Musk Shutters ‘SolarCity Facilities’ Across 9 States

 by Don Bradley

OF COURSE HE DOES THIS ON A WITCHES SABBATH OF SOLSTICE…OF COURSE. They love their little satanic fingerprints, for those in the network of the damned and those servants of Yeshua WITH EYES TO SEE.

Oohhhhh…look how it glows!

And like all the other Solar companies-so-called-that have been heavily invested in, only to do nothing, go nowhere, and create NOTHING, is now bankrupt, stealing billions of dollars of investor’s and stock holder’s money.

As every single “solar” company that has come and gone before it has done.

There is not a single, largely promoted solar “going green” company that was heavily pushed, taken public, invested in by retail, and then found out that it has done nothing, does nothing, is nothing in existence that is STILL ALIVE. They all die, within 8 years or less, of bilk, scam, and run creation.

Every. Single. One.

After fleecing the gullible left of their money. Which is the point, after all.

How many more of these big to dos of our NWO companies that are AGENDA 21 creations, are going to come, steal what little money is left that isn’t controlled by big ANYTHING, only to watch it die, finding out afterward it was a paper creation, like the other A21 “big deals” that came before it?

The collectors, complete with prison on one side and DUMB on the other

How many?

All of them, of course. Because investors invest as they are advised. By satanic fund managers on a 2 and 20 schedule of stealing your banana, to toss onto Lucifer’s pile.

You will always hear about some life-changing next level technology that has only one purpose. To Theranos the cash out of your wallet and into their coffers. And to make sure you bite, they get the latest Jobian window dressing, fill the board with a bunch of long timey fossils like George Bush or Kissinger, and make sure some Ashkenazim, pizza eating oi veys like Goldman or whomever to take it public. Give it a AAA rating by Moody’s, and it’s ready to steal, steal, steal, (read pump, pump, pump) and take every single dollar they can convince you to part with. They’ll even build one out in the desert, put it on the road to Vegas, to ensure that millions of people a year see how much this new tech is changing the world forever. Unless you dig a little and find that the site actually only produces less than 1% of its claimed energy production goals and all it really does, is glow in the daytime to razzle dazzle the stupid. I saw it.

I knew what I was looking at the moment I laid eyes on it. Two DUMBS, a PRISON, and This SolarCity nightmare all at the exact same spot. And why there? Because the I15 road is there and because the traffic from California for the suckers to give over their money and soul to the darkest sin pit in the western hemisphere is there, also. No accident on any of this.

It’s all by design. Corrupt your soul, take your cash, bankrupt your marriage and family.

Seeing it now?

No? Then you never will, because you refuse to critically think through the razzle, the pop and whistle show, that Vegas and Hollywood use to sell you the lies of Lucifer, calling them “dreams in the desert.”

It’s more like a nightmare, friends. A nightmare.

Razzle dazzle, pop and whistle, hey!  It’s a 1910, Dr. Fleecum carney scam.


No one could see this coming. Including every bagholder (myself included) shareholder from SunEdison
solar development is bullshit. You own an asset that doesn’t get paid for in 15 years yet you have 7 year debt. Your only hope is to refinance three times. It’s a shell game


Exactly. And good luck if your solar panels last 15 years. I know, a neighbor bought 20 of them for $27K. He said they have a 20-year warranty. Will that company still be extant in 20 years? The one certainty is his roof isn’t going to last another 20 years and replacing the roof is going to cost double, due to needing two roofing crews: the solar crew to remove and reinstall the solar panels and the asphalt roofing crew to tear off and install the new roof. Oh goody! Instead of costing $10K for that roof it will cost $20K!!
By that time his house will be under water and with the HELOC and primary mortgage he will be screwed. Unable to sell the house, unable to refi, unable to do anything but laugh about needing a new roof and not having $20K to pay for it. I plan on being on the road by that time and he will also have to deal with my rental tenants. No pets allowed, lucky for him.


I put my solar panels on a ground mount system out in the yard, a few feet off the ground still easy to clean once a month or so, and after 3 years working like new without any problems. Nice to get a net 0 PG&E bill.  Will be paid off in about 7 years at this rate. No lib global warming shit here, just want free power instead of paying a ripoff utility company.
Mine are mounted on top of my garage which has a corrugated iron roof so it’s a simple bolt on bolt off job. I also have a solar hot water system in conjunction with em.
Like you I couldn’t give a fuck about all this global warming scam – I just wanted to be off the system and the fact that I haven’t paid an electric bill in almost 3 years is just a bonus – not my prime driving factor. I also have 2 10,000 gallon water tanks so drink rain water every day instead of the crap that comes out of the pipes.
Life is good since I gave up the 9-5 spiel.


The whole business model is a scam.  Really, you’re going to utilize MY roof in order to generate money for you company?
Beware of anything that comes for “free” or that you’re “leasing”.
I’ve heard of people actually having to PAY THEM for generating TOO MUCH energy. 

“New Tesla cars around SoCal have a “ZERO emissions” paper plate in the frame. “
Do they know that nearly half of our electricity comes from burning coal?

Why isn’t this guy being investigated or up on charges already. This 3 cardmonti he’s been playing must be getting close. I mean, when you lie, as a primary shareholder, BOD Member to merge two sinkholes and gloss over the obvious issues the SEC should be all over this. Prediction: this guys goes down in flames like that bitch over at Theranos after all the blatantly illegal shtt she did. I mean, a fool and their money are lucky enough to get together in the 1st place but this is Govt & privately (FED) funded criminal activity! We are not even close to living in a country that’s run by the rule of law! Because he was selected by the CIA for this work, as they all are by the time they are 16. DB