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More Than 4 Million Americans Have Lost Health Insurance Since 2016

Because they can no longer afford the massive increases in monthly payments, that when truly needed, cover very little with stiff deductibles that wipe out a family’s savings.

Dental insurance is even worse, covering nothing but mercury amalgams which poison the brain and body, and check ups. The rest is on you. I know this because, two sons had to see a dentist and between the two of them, it will cost $14, 000.00 for what 20 years ago would have been under a $1,000.00 total. 

Up until the 1990s, in America, medical insurance was provided FREE OF CHARGE BY ALL EMPLOYERS. Then the jobs left the USA, to China, and so did our benefits.

And since that time, insurance premiums have become on par with house payments, on a monthly basis. This is why millions have given up insurance.

  • Too expensive
  • It no longer provides meaningful coverage

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From the internet

Ron Paul’s former campaign manager died from complications caused by pneumonia because he couldn’t afford health insurance, it has emerged. The details surrounding the 2008 death of Kent Snyder were revealed by Gawker after the Tea Party candidate indicated he did not agree with free state health care for the poor.

Mr Snyder, 49, died on June 26, 2008, with hospital costs totalling $400,000 after he became ill with viral pneumonia. The bill for his care was sent to his mother, who was unable to pay, and so a website was set up by friends to secure donations. Mr Paul’s election campaign did not provide workers with medical insurance.

10 Years Later…$800,000…


Obamacare? It’s dogshit

It quickly wasn’t free tho…. a year later it was two hundred, a year after that it was four hundred, another year and it’s eight…I had to drop it when it jumped to sixteen.

Thank God Trump killed the mandate or they’d be fining me. McStain and his thumbs down is gonna cost us all trillions before it’s over.

The insurance companies are the problem.
 Before Obama care I had a blue cross blue shield family plan that worked and that I paid for out of my own earnings without any government assistance.   The democrats then said because my plan would not pay for gender reassignment surgery it was illegal. The democrats offered me a new plan under Obamacare that was three times the cost of my original plan. 

It also came with a massive deductible meaning I would most likely never ever use any of the benefits of their plan. it would be over 25K in bills before they would pay anything.  It was three times my house payment for this plan!  I had three kids and a wife, we did not want nor qualified for the welfare tax assistant program that so many Americans received to pay for this high priced policy.

My insurance plan has been CANCELLED 4 times since O’Bozo Care started implementation.  Each time was because of additional stupidity that was added to the regulations. (I have private pay, I’m not covered under an employer plan) Many have experienced the same but the progs go on TV and lie that “Nobody has lost their insurance under O’Bozo Care”.  Sorry asswipe, I have the DOCUMENTATION proving otherwise.

Every time I have had to change plans the premiums raise dramatically, the coverage is much worse, and the deductibles and copays become more draconian. My premiums are 3X what they were 4 years ago and the coverage is much worse.