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What’s this? Another Pantyfa with 3, count em, 3 pedophile convictions and NO TIME SERVED?

Already up, auctioned, and sold…by the devils. Of course, no arrests or asset seizures will be made. Of course.


  1. WAS A 14 YEAR VET
  6. BY A COP
Pedo Pence is back, to finish off the Republic

 Because of today’s little festivities. No buildings or cars or homes were torched, or statues toppled, etc. No, that would be the satanic left.

No real arrests, either. For satanists. And I have proved over the  years EXACTLY WHAT THESE CREATURES ARE.

Now the devils will use today as an excuse to do every single evil they can dream up–or the truth, already in plans–to lay waste to what’s left of decent America. Expect it all. ALL OF IT.



False Flags


Everyone is talking about todays events as if it was Trump himself crossing the Rubicon because the entire fucking world is hung up on Trump at the moment, but that is wrong. Today’s actions were that of desperate Americans decades in the making. 

Trump won in 2016 not because of what he is or what he had done, he won because he was an outsider who promised what so many of the people wanted but no politician would offer. He won because people have grown sick of their governance and felt there no other option to serve their interests. He was the attempt, right wrong or indifferent, of these disenfranchised people to satisfy their desire for a government operating in their interests. 

And for this act of disobedience to the system they were given four years of the most rabid hatred ever witnessed in American politics from all aspects in life attacking not only their president but their ideals, their hopes, and even themselves as individuals. They had no way to avoid this attack, it was in the news, the entertainment, the schools, and the workplace. Their entire identity had been tied to Trump. 

Then this election happened. An election that, right or wrong, has fallen under more suspicion than any in recent history with many believing the results to be fraudulent. For this suspicion they were again rewarded with vitriol and dismissal from the political machine and the media leaving them to feel as though they had no way to address their concerns without assuaging their concerns it the least. These people did what they did because they felt that they had no other option. 

Now there is talk of removing Trump from office early via the 25th amendment, a mistake in every sense of the word, further salting the wound while simultaneously removing the relatively benign Trump allowing an even more extreme candidate to take his place.

KELLY LOEFFLER ACCEPTS BIDEN AS PRESIDENT, no rejection of electors. She lied.

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Learn about the bloodline of Lucifer, Genesis 3

The whole gang that stormed the capitol WERE LET IN BY A GUARD AND THEY ARE ANTIFA. AND SATANISTS, YOU’LL SEE.

Police letting Antifa through. I am unable to upload video, being blocked.

See, they didn’t tell you that ANY objections can be dismissed by a DEMONCRAT vote, did they?

the tweets you DIDN”T get to see.

Senate voted 93 – 6 to keep AZ Biden electors.
House voted 303 – 121 to keep AZ Biden electors.
Joint session now, and continue counting electoral votes.
6,200 National Guard troops stationed outside D.C.
1,100 National Guard troops stationed within D.C.
1x woman shot and killed at Capitol
5x others died nearby, murdered by Antifa and FBI swat
– you understand what is really happening here?

Intel that someone named Spencer Sunshine infiltrated rally today & is creating chaos. Seems ol Spence has a long, varied, prison record.

Antifa is live-streaming.

Ashli Babbit proudly served our country for 14 years. Ashli Babbit, you truly defended the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. What happened to you today was senseless!

Evidence shows ANTIFA being escorted into DC by police ahead of Jan. 6th MAGA Stop The Steal rally…

A man alleges (WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE) that he witnessed unmarked black vehicles pull into DC, driven by state police, and people dressed like antifa exiting and taking “strategic positions” throughout the city.


We have been betrayed at every level, even the senators who promised to object to electors have mostly folded.

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Just a reminder. These people are NOT human. They are nephilim, the damned. THEY EAT US.

Among the damned, every blasphemy is encouraged, especially homosexuality. Mike at a gay bar, back in the day. Mike is CIA, multi generational witch.

The people in power locked everybody down, destroyed their lives and livelihoods. They want to ban free speech, impose perpetual rule by mass immigration and vote fraud. Indoctrinate the children into communism, transgender ideology. Continue to rob the people of their prosperity via the central banks. And when you resist, they murder you and you get called “the mob” and a “domestic terrorist.” 

LATEST: Senate rejects objections to counting Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes. https://t.co/MtNbXL5CXOpic.twitter.com/cS25k0oZp7

Applause breaks out as no senators join House GOP objections to Georgia’s electoral votes, allowing them to be counted without debate https://t.co/wTKxzqAo9Upic.twitter.com/Ku7XWfnYjF

The satanic network controls EVERYTHING.

Antifa is burning DC. To be blamed on already left long ago real citizens.

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Look in the smoke…fire demon visible

Antifa satanist hanging with Pelosi slag. Getting orders?

OMG! BUSTED! Video shows Trump supporters stopping & pulling away Antifa men from breaking the Capitol windows. Trump supporters are heard yelling out “That’s Antifa!!!”
Dems set us up & GOP just threw us under the bus over a trap. Surreal! Wow! pic.twitter.com/f7ExMZ0DcD

— Melissa Tate (@TheRightMelissa) January 7, 2021

LATEST: Senate rejects objections to counting Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes. https://t.co/MtNbXL5CXOpic.twitter.com/cS25k0oZp7