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More Bass Lake, western sierra mountainsMiller

Miller’s Landing Wishon Point

Waking up TOO early to catch a boat

Caught the boat, a vicious chase but successful

Wrangling said boat

Have boat, will float

I’m on a Boat!

We are all on a boat!

Uh-oh…the stalkers again…bringing the kids this time

swimming off the boat

Hi mom, brought the girls did we?

Tubing on the lake

Mom and Dad, again…

Beach, music, and fun

Water frisbee with DB, Nick and Matt

Goose boy

Angel boy


A youngling

Dude, I have to get one of these, they’re fun

Me too

Food time

Sunset on the water

Make straight the paths of the Lord

Ah…das Fro

Silence on the waters

Randy’s birthday gift


Till next time dude