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Michigan Vote Fraud WITNESS assassination attempt

Key witness to MI vote fraud has an assassin laying in wait, in a stolen throwaway truck, is shot up, IN AN ATTEMPT TO REMOVE TESTIMONY.

Some have gone into witness protection, to be assassinated by the CIA thugs once Xiden is in office. As was foretold in my Dec 1st article on the election.

Now it’s happening. Several key witnesses, who elected to not go into WITSEC, were targeted. Friends, this is about telegraphing to OTHER potential witnesses to come forward and do the right thing, is to be killed. This is a psyop action, more than a hitter on victim deal. Yes, the blood and death is real, but the point is TO SILENCE DISSENT AGAINST THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY, THE CCP, AND THE CIA.

Why would they attempt to murder someone if there is no evidence of fraud? or have the shills been lying about there being zero evidence. Truck is a Dakota, suv a range rover. Is this what Michigan Rep. CA Johnson meant by her soldiers knowing what to do and how to do it?

advocates and demands antifa kill vote fraud witnesses and Trump supporters, on video no less.

Here is the video to one of the hits.

This was a carefully planned hit, as is demonstrated. Witness is still alive, but under protection.