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List of Ukrainian lies

As proved on this and my other sites.

>Ghost of Kiev
>Island garrison fights to the death
>Ukrainians shoot saboteurs (friendly fire)
>Zelensky fighting on front line (old footage)
>Russians leaving non-Russian internet
>Russians planting bombs at Chernobyl
>Radiation at Chernobyl rising
>Zelensky ready to discuss neutrality (delay)
>Russian soldiers shoot British journalists
>Ukrainians shoot down RU heli (game footage)
>Russians running out of fuel for tanks
>Russians going to release biological weapons
>US biolabs not real
>Poland sending planes to Ukraine
>90% of Russian forces committed to battle
>8 il-76s shot down
>8 dead “generals”
>Russians texting home saying battle is lost
>Zelensky visits hospital (old footage)
>American journalist killed by Russians
>Zelensky gives address (green screen)
>Russians deserting or mutinying
>Russian forces fire on civilian car killing 2
>Zelensky gives address (green screen 2)
>Ukraine had no nazis in the government
>Mariupol siege being lifted
>Russia is fully encircled around Kiev
>Russians target theatre with civilians
>Russia cucking in ceasefires with Ukraine
>Russia is leaving Kiev
>Ukraine took Irpin
>Ruble will be worthless (recovered to prewar prices in 28 days)

>Tochka-U russian falseflag
>700+ Cherhiniv mass grave from Jan
>Ukrainian father crying as he hugged his daughter was actually a pro-Russian rebel in Donbass preparing to go to war
>13 Ukrainian Soldiers killed on Snake Island actually surrendered and are alive and well
>Russian tank that ran over civilian car in Kiev was a Strela-10 Ukrainian Air Defence System
>Photo of Zelensky in military garb w/ helmet are from 2021 border inspection
>Video of Ukrainian Mig-29 shooting down Russian su-35 was taken from a Digital Comat Simulator Game
>Video of Ukrainian AA shooting down 3 ka-52 helicopters was taken from Arma 3
>Viral video of Ukrainian pilot shooting down Russian jet was taken from Arma 3
>Russian cruise missile that blew up the side of a residential building was actually a misfired (hopefully) Ukrainian air-defence missile fired by the Ukrainian military
>Russian supply convoy that Ukrainian military blew up was a Ukrainian convoy
>Ukrainian military lied about blowing up 56 tanks that included General Tushayev
>There is zero video, photo, or physical evidence of any Il-76 cargo planes being downed by Ukraine, despite claiming two of them
>There is zero video, photo, or physical evidence of any VDV troops being “accidentally dropped” in the ocean – plane would have had to have been completely blind (pre-WW2 tech) in order for such a miscalculation to occur
>At least 3 generals Ukraine has claimed to be KIA have all come up alive
>Russian jet bombing near residential homes actually is a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter targeting the main Russian advance
>Estimated Russian troop losses are dropping by the thousands with every passing day
>Various unsubstantiated counterattacks that even western media has to save face by specifying that the reports are only based on ‘Ukrainian claims’

Azovstal is falling: Ukies using human shields hostages.