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Liberal tolerance is actually a lie, being a satanic construct

Black students all over the country advertise for roommates for next year, BLACK Only. Somehow, segregation is good if THEY want it. But they STILL want to go to White colleges! Remarkable racists, Blacks.

Conservatives actually are MORE TOLERANT, than the hate filled satanic left. No surprise there, given Antifa and all the other hate whitey campaigns they’ve initiated worldwide.


Shitlibs sure do screech loudly about the virtue of tolerance which they themselves don’t possess. The soyboys and clitdicks doth protest too much.

Another way to look at this: conservatives and independents are more generous of spirit and normal of socialization than are shitlibs. The former can handle political disagreement like adults; the latter runs to HR and tattles like a bratty child to get the bad person fired, that is when they can actually function and aren’t curled up in the pillow-biting position.
(yeah i know D, I, and R aren’t perfect proxies for lib, moderate, con, but it’s close enough for a shivisection.)

Shitlibs are also less charitable than cons, despite agitating for more of other people’s gibs. What’s going on? Psychological projection, for one thing. Lib status is wrapped up in their lifestyle and morality megaphoning, so they can’t bear to grapple with their own flaws, preferring instead to imagine those flaws in their ideological enemies. If you live as if everyone around you is beset with the very vices that beset you, it becomes difficult to tolerate let alone enjoy the company of political foes, because their good-natured presence would constantly remind you of the bankruptcy of your worldview and how far you hypocritically fall short of your professed beliefs.

Leftist customer groups (POC, LGBT, kebab, ugly feminist wammen) rely entirely on leftism for their status. They can’t get status any other way (via achievement, truth or beauty), so their status comes entirely from leftism.

So it’s not just cognitive dissonance and weakness that makes them avoid, rabidly attack (not just “I disagree” but “you are evil!”), and hate any opposing view. It’s that opposing views (reality) *reduce and eliminate the only status they have in life*. If leftism is wrong, they have no way of feeling good about themselves.

Another angle to this is race. Comparatively more nonWhites are Democrats, and there are broad racial differences in ability and willingness to tolerate opposing views and those who hold them. See, for an example of this, any recent CNN or MSNBC roundtable discussion. However, I would bet the bank that White Dems/libs show a similar disregard for the tenets of their Tolerance Religion, even if they are not quite as intolerant of the “intolerant” as are tribalistic nonWhites.

Finally, there is the disjunct between a shitlib’s virtue signaling and reality, a disjunct which doesn’t bedevil moderates and conservatives nearly as much because on the whole the latter have a more concrete and intuitive grasp of reality and aren’t constantly trying to abstractify the world to fit the beliefs and commandments of a preconceived equalism religion. I think this disconnection between belief and reality explains best the shitlib intolerance of people who are ideologically different than themselves. If you are a shitlib your waking life is spent in an acid fog of cognitive dissonance, always harshing your mellow, threatening your sanity; to keep up your self-deceiving mental health initiative requires a hard separation from those who would only aggravate and amplify your dissonance. Thus, the shitlib must ensconce xirself in a monastery, away from the temptations of a reality-based enlightenment.

  • “That’s why we see people have a breakdown when someone simply disagrees with them or presents an alternative viewpoint.”
  • It’s been an uncountable amount of times where I’ve seen the rage from how women and libtards react when I simply say “I disagree” .
  • liberal: “Trump is rayyycist and ruining our country!!!!”
  • me: “I disagree. he’s not racist at all and doing a great job.”
  • liberal: RAGE AND FURY

Speaking of which, when is Samantha Bee’s show going to be canceled? She called the president’s daughter a cunt. Imagine if someone had called Clinton’s daughter that.

Shitlibs love the idea of diversity, but don’t want to live anywhere near their beloved pets. Have you ever witnessed the barely concealed terror in their eyes if they happen to meet a “African-American” alone and uncuffed in the wild?

PS Heh:

Gay satanic front man for Agenda 21

PPS Heh heh (bottom far right):

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Soviet Union’s massacre of approximately 22,000 Polish soldiers, cadets, doctors, lawyers, etc. in the Katyn forest in 1940. No “evil Nazi” propaganda in this film, at all. Of course, it was not directed by Steven Spielberg, or one of his (((tribe))), who would NEVER make a movie like this.

The Soviets, Americans and Brits hid the blame, then blamed the Germans for the massacre, to drum up moral support for the continued war against Germany. The Brits and Americans clearly knew it was lovable Uncle Joe who did it, though. The USSR (Gorbachev) even admitted they did it in 1990, although nobody was every prosecuted (I guess they were all too busy hunting down old Germans who supported Hitler).
POZ Britain, to this day, still has never accused the USSR of perpetrating this cold-blooded massacre of Polish elites. No wonder London is now Londonstan. They sold their souls to the devil.