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Editor’s Note:

The following article originally appeared in the newsletter of

The Freedom of Thought Foundation: Free Thinking, Vol 2. No. 6

& No. 18, 1996.



By W.H. Bowart

December 1996


Is the profession of psychiatry beginning to rival the legal

profession as having the most useless information, the most

know-nothing, corrupt and mercenary practitioners of any


The proof of the psychiatric pudding might be that doctors who

once easily earned $300,000 or more a year are having a hard time

pulling in $100,000 a year these days. This could be due to the

cuts in national health care payments, to the competition that

has been created by the lower prices of the HMO’s, and/or it

could be partly caused by the accumulative effects of the CIA’s

fifty years of covert manipulation of that profession.

Almost every psychiatrist of the aged generation (especially

those who also hold diplomas in psychology) worked for the CIA

or another branch of the cryptocracy in one or another dirty

project which tested drugs, hypnosis, brain stimulation and a

variety of other things on unwitting humans — often employees

of the government who’d already signed their lives away. These

psychiatrists were hell-bent on seeing that this government

chattel would, since they hadn’t give their lives for their

country, give their minds and souls and too often their

children’s minds and souls for it.

In any of the professions it’s hard to find a whistle blower.

Seldom will one lawyer speak ill of a peer. Even harder is it to

find justice in the self-regulated profession of health —

especially mental health. Doctor’s seldom bear witness against

other doctors. A good example of the insular attitude which sees

regulatory board members looking the other way was the case of

Dr. William Jennings Bryan III (WJB3). Great grandson of the

great orator William Jennings Bryan, WJB3 was the director of the

American Institute of Hypnosis in Los Angeles from the fifties to

his death in the seventies.

Bryan was an innovator in the application of the uses of

hypnosis. He designed a switchboard of electronic instruments

which made it possible for him to hypnotize and monitor the

feedback from three different clients at the same time. He had a

taste for beautiful women, so, after he found beauties who were

also highly suggestible, he encouraged them to pay him a

“professional” visit.

“Psychiatry in the second half of the twentieth century has

undoubtedly been strongly skewed — not by an agenda that has to

do with academic research, not by the best interest of clients,

not by ethical psychiatry — but by an intelligence agenda…”

— Colin A. Ross, M.D.

During such sessions, after the women were in a

“deep, deep sleep,” WJB3 would slip into the room where they were

lying on the couch and make suggestions which would eventually

open them to accepting his sexual advances — maybe while they

were imagining they were having sex with their husbands, or some

Hollywood icon of their dreams. While WJB3 might have thought of

this as just a little creative visualization, some of the women

eventually remembered episodes of this hypno-rape, and four of

them pressed charges of sexual assault against him.

According to the April 22, 1969 Los Angeles Times, the

California State Board of Medical Examiners found William

Jennings Bryan III guilty of “unprofessional conduct in four

cases involving sexual molesting of female patients.” The

penalty for this offense was five years probation — a typical

slap on the wrist for shrinks who are working for the

cryptocracy. The Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Cameron was the

former head of the Quebec Psychiatric Association, the Canadian

Psychiatric Association, the American Psychiatric Association,

the World Psychiatric Association (the founder of the WPA, in

fact), and the one-time President of the Association for

Biological Psychiatry has been described as the most

“politically connected a guy as ever existed in the entire field

of psychiatry in the 20th Century.” This Canadian shrink was

funded through MKULTRA and Human Ecology Foundation, did LSD and

other hallucinogen research funded by both the Canadian military

and the CIA.

Cameron is one of the central figures in Gordon Thomas’ book

Journey Into Madness. Cameron developed an insidious technique of

torture called “psychic driving” which produced Differential

Amnesia and Schizophrenic appearing conditions. He gave his

secret test subjects hundreds of ECT (electroshock) treatments

using the Paige-Russell technique, in which the shock switch is

thrown six times during a treatment instead of once. Then the

“patients” would be given barbiturates and a deep, deep,

neuroleptic sleep would be induced for three months or so. When

the subjects finally came out of their comas they were usually

depressed, disoriented, incontinent, and unable to state their

names, read, drive an automobile, have sexual relations, cook,

use the toilet, or recognize their spouses or children. This must

have been of great use to the cryptocracy which supported such

research for around fifty years since it appears that the

cryptocracy is still supporting more advanced research in which

possession and control of the human mind and soul is the targeted


Dr. Cameron escaped prosecution because no one knew about (or

could remember) his criminal research until after his death. When

news of his “experiments” was made public, the CIA was sued and

quickly paid the mentally damaged subjects of Dr. Cameron’s

cryptocratic curiosity millions of dollars in out-of-court

settlements. That figure might have been much greater had the

majority of the subjects not died prematurely. The history of

the CIA’s search for tools to create and managed the perfect

slave state are chronicled in a variety of books. But the

profession has largely ignored this information, often giving the

authors the armchair diagnosis as “cranks” and “paranoids.”

But there are heroes even among psychiatrists. At least one, a

Canadian Psychiatrist, Dr. Colin Ross, has begun to put a lot of

time into trying to identify and correct the wrongs done by his

countryman Cameron and his peers in the profession.

Ross said: “Virtually every leading psychiatrist in North America

between the 1940’s and the 1970’s was involved in some aspect of

the CIA’s mind control research.”

At a workshop he held at the 9th Annual Western Clinical

Conference on Trauma and Diss
ociation in Costa Mesa, California,

last April, Ross offered a preview of the research he’s uncovered

for a new book. He said, “When I systematically started looking

into CIA military mind control, the more I looked, the more solid

reality there was there. And as you will see as we go through

these slides, and through this talk, it’s a completely different

deal from SRA. Somewhere out there in the justice system, there

may actually be objective evidence where somebody has actually

busted a SRA cult. If there is, that information is not

generally publicly available to us. It is a fact that we have not

nailed down human ritual sacrifice cults in North America if

they exist. So it’s all conjecture … I will prove to you,

completely locked down, documented, proven, beyond dispute or

discussion that intelligence agencies have been creating

Manchurian candidates and MPD for operational use since the

Second World War.”

“This is not a conspiracy theory,” he said, “This is a fact.” Now

that’s very amazing,” Ross said, “because if you took an opinion

poll of all the psychiatrists in the American Psychiatric

Association today — or you took the same poll five years ago,

over 99% of the psychiatrists would say ‘It’s fiction. We know

the movie is fiction, Frank Sinatra (in the Manchurian Candidate)

did a good job, but there’s just no way, it’s absolutely

impossible.’ There might be two outlaw psychiatrists in the whole

group who would say that it’s possible that Manchurian

candidates are real. This is a very, very strange phenomena

that actually, in 1996, this is a completely documented fact —

it’s a very strange sociological development in the field of


“How could that be possible? Well, I’m going to try and explain

how it’s possible. So that’s what I am going to talk about.

Also I am going to talk about not just creating Manchurian

Candidates, but the whole network of mind control doctors that is

involved in this and supports this — this kind of old boys’

network that maintains all of this. And you will see a whole

bunch of slides with godzillian interconnections that I will go

into in detail. And every one of those steps — unless I

otherwise specify — is completely documented. Absolutely

objective in full.

“There is something real peculiar about the whole story. It’s a

very strange story. It tells us that there is something going on

in our culture and in the mental health field that is hidden and

secret. This is another kind of incest secret in the field of

psychiatry that all of these people who have been running

psychiatry in the latter half of the 20th century are either

directly or loosely connected to a whole huge universe of covert,

hidden, secretly funded mind control research, and as emphasized,

that’s a fact… If, in fact, experimental MPD has been created

and has been tight and hard and real enough for operational use

by intelligence agencies for the last 50 years, then it is

something of interest to the dissociative disorders field. This

is profound evidence in favor of the iatrogenic (doctor

induced) pathway to DID that I talked about this morning.

“When I combine the expert witness experience that I have had at

clinically created iatrogenic DID using the techniques of

destructive psychotherapy cults in the course of persuasion, as I

described this morning — when I take that expert witness

evidence and see those cases created out of a base of no

preexisting DID and then I go to this CIA military mind-control

literature, my only possible conclusion is, yes, you can create

full tilt DID artificially from ground zero. Also, I have to

conclude that you can create any degree of complexity,

permutations of false memory that you want. There is absolutely

no limit on the quantity, complexity, reality, congruence,

plausibility of false memories that you can insert in somebody’s

mind — wittingly or unwittingly.

“They didn’t tell me that in medical school?

“This is a little sub-paradigm revolution in the DID field.

“There is a huge wealth of information, experimental information,

clinical anecdotal information, and operational street smarts

knowledge of DID that’s been up and running and full tilt in the

mental health field for 50 years now. This did not spring out of

nowhere in 1980, and we are missing a ton of experimental

research data that’s still classified that bears directly on this

false memory debate that is going on in our society now. And you

will see some of the players in this whole scenario of

interesting people…” Ross pointed out that it was not just

psychiatrists and psychologists involved in the search for the

way to create a “psycho-civilized society” but also sociologists,

linguists, cyberneticists and other professionals (even a

magician or two — men who were expert in micro-muscle movement

reading), people from the World War Two and Cold War generations.

Today mind control research has bled into many other specialized

areas and comes up under the general heading of “cognitive

sciences,” which includes biomedicine, anesthesiology,

neurology, cybernetics, linguistics, neural networking in the

computer science departments and so forth. All of these

projects are scattered and compartmentalized so that one

researcher usually doesn’t know what another is doing, but the

funders (the black budget spenders of the U.S. and other

governments) collect all the data and put it together for the

final devastating applications.

In his workshop Ross offered the names of some of the more

insidious doctors and the institutions which supported them. At

the top of the list was Dr. George Estabrooks who, in 1950 wrote:

“I can hypnotize a man — without his knowledge or consent —

into committing treason against the United States.” Ross

described Estabrooks as a pivotal figure in the cryptocracy’s

mind-control research. He drew an elaborate map connecting

Estabrooks to the CIA’s MKULTRA research, the FBI and other

agencies. Then, he named the following professionals as part of

the mind control conspiracy: William C. Hollinger, L. Wilson

Green, Richard Ofshe (Sociologist), James Hamilton, Harold

Abramson, Carl Pfeiffer, Louis Jolyon West (Psychiatrist UCLA),

Carl Rogers, Martin T. Orne, George White (Army Col, CIA, BNDD),

Maitland Baldwin, Harold Wolff, Raymond Prince (Mass. General

Hospital), R. Gordon Wasson (stock broker and mycologist

mushroom expert), John Mulholland (magician), B.F. Skinner

(Harvard Behaviorist), Garner Murphy (Harvard), E.R. Hilgard

(member of DSM IV Dissociative Disorders Committee), Ron Shore

(collaborator with Martin Orne) Milton Erickson (Psychiatrist and

inspiration for Neurolinguistics Programming), Daniel X.

Friedman (Editor of Archives of the Journal of Psychiatry

1970-1993), Allen Dulles (Director CIA 1953-1961), Loretta

Bender, Paul Hawk (psychiatrist who killed Harold
Blauer in 1953

with an inject of supposed mescaline), Robert White (Harvard), J.

Edgar Hoover (Director of the FBI), John Gittinger (CIA

psychologist), Robert Lifton (psychiatrist and well-known author),

Margaret Singer (psychologist, author of “Cults in Our Midst”),

Paul McHugh (Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins), James

Whitehorn (former Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and

advisor of the Human Ecology Foundation with Top Secret

Clearance), Harold Lief (advisor of the False Memory Syndrome

Foundation), Colston Westbrook (CIA Psy-War expert who worked at

Vacaville Prison with prisoners such as Donald Defreeze and

Timothy Leary), Robert Heath (doing brain electrode implant

research at Tulane), Francisco Silva (Cuban psychiatrist who

allegedly put Lee Harvey Oswald up in his home and got him a job

at the hospital where Silva worked prior to the assassination),

Mark Sweet (collaborator with L.J. West for the UCLA Violence

Project), Wagner Joreg (son of Wagner Joreg who won the Nobel

Prize for treating syphilis with malaria), Amadeo Morazzi (LSD

researcher at the University of Minnesota), Gregory Bateson,

Allen Ginsburg, Ken Kesey, Sydney Mallett, and the list goes on.

Ross linked dozens of institutions to the research which, he

said he suspects, is still going on in one form or another. Among

the institutions he reeled off the top of his head were: Butler

Hospital Health Center (part of Harvard), Children’s International

Summer Village, Columbia University, Cornell University, Denver

University, Emory College, Florida University, George Washington

University, Harvard University, Houston University, Illinois

University, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University, Eli

Lilly Pharmaceuticals, University of Minnesota, New Jersey

Reformatory, Bordentown in Tennessee, Ohio University, University

of Pennsylvania, Penn State University, Princeton University,

Stanford University, Wisconsin University, University of Texas,

University of Oklahoma, McGill, the National Institute of Health,

the National Institute of Mental Health, the New Jersey

Psychiatric Research Institute, National Philosophical Society,

Office of Naval Research, Worcester Foundation for Experimental

Biology, Vacaville State Prison, Public Health Service, Cornell,

Bureau of Narcotics, Bureau of Prisons, and many others.

“You get the idea,” Ross said. Then, the well-prepared

researcher gave a litany of declassified code names under which

many of these atrocities occurred: MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, MKNAOMI,



“It just shows you,” Ross said, “the theme here is not that there

is a military intelligence conspiracy to cover up Manchurian

Candidate creation with the myth of borderline personality

disorder. The point now is more of a global general meta point

which is: this whole network of old boys in psychiatry and

psychology, who were covertly funded for part of the military and

CIA intelligence mind-control network, are very influential in

the history of psychiatry in a kind of nebulous fashion that just

permeates the whole field. It isn’t part of the sort of

one-to-one correspondences that I have been showing before. It’s

a matter of the whole mind set of psychiatry — how we think

about borderlines (Borderline Personality Disorder), how we think

about temporal lobe epilepsy, how we are going to react to MPD?

“The point is that the history of psychiatry in the second half

of the twentieth century has undoubtedly been strongly skewed —

not by an agenda that has to do with academic research, not by

the best interest of clients, not by ethical psychiatry — but by

an Intelligence agenda.” Ross said that the full story of the

CIA’s involvement with his profession is still unknown. “We are

missing a ton of experimental research data that’s still

classified that bears directly on this false memory debate that

is going on in our society now.”

In an attempt to uncover more information Ross visited the CIA

Reading Room in Washington, D.C. He said it was “a very unusual

experience,” and dealt with it with humor, as a skilled

psychiatrist would deal with a client suffering from Dissociated

Identity Disorder.

“This is the way it goes in trying to document this stuff and

trying to make it public and identify the specific individuals.

It’s a big slow job. And when you make Freedom of Information

requests, it’s like interacting with any Federal Bureaucracy.”

Ross said that, in fact, the CIA had been extremely helpful to

him. The CIA, he said, was “extremely polite, extremely courteous

when I went to the CIA Reading Room…”

“Let me just tell you the story.,” Ross said, “Here I am, a

Canadian psychiatrist, going down to the Eastern Regional

Conference, and a day early I pop over to the CIA Reading Room to

look at the MKULTRA documents to figure out which ones I want to

order at 10 cents a page which they then shipped to me. It

arrives at my office via UPS with CIA stamped in the corner. I’m

wondering who thinks that’s weird?”

Ross said he found the CIA Reading Room “just this building in

Virginia on a street. It is completely unrecognizable as

anything. I get dropped off there … whoa … there’s all these

guys in uniforms and here I am, this civilian.”

“I go walking along accompanied by this CIA person, and I go into

the first room which has a steel vault door and says ‘Secured

Area: Treasury Department.’ I go into that room and they close

the door. I am now in a ‘Secured Area.’ I sit down and they bring

in all the documents on a little cart and (an elderly woman)

gives me 15-20 pencils beautifully sharpened, and a notepad and

everything. You order which documents you want at the end of the


“I am sitting there working away on this huge amount of

documents all day,” Ross said.

“Work, work, work, work …

“Some time in the middle of the day this old woman comes at me.

Now I am thinking, is this old woman trying to pump me for

information? What’s here? (Is she) going to report back at the

end of the day? She says, ‘Well, what’s that stuff you are

reading?’ I am trying to act casually, I just say, ‘Well, it’s

just a bunch of mind control documents from the 50’s and 60’s.’

And she says, ‘Is that stuff classified?’ And I say, ‘No, no.

It was declassified a long time ago,’ And she says, ‘Well what

do they need me here for?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know.’ And then

I stopped talking to her and I started focusing down on the


Ross said his “beef” was not with the intelligence community or

the CIA, but with the psychiatrists and psychologist “who created

a little loophole where they can step out of normal ethical

oversight, violate the Hippocratic Oath, get away with it, not

talk about it. It’s just like the co
nspiracy to keep incest under

the carpet. This is all conspired and kept under the carpet – not

by twelve guys in a room at Langley who are doing the planning,

but just by this pervasive old boys network. That’s what keeps

the mind control secret down just like it kept the incest secret

down. So that’s another reason why this is important, and needs

to be uncovered…”

“…The idea that there could be a deliberate disinformation

campaign element to the False Memory movement is perfectly

plausible, consistent with history, and could be expected. There

is bound to be some sort of disinformation strategy if, in fact,

Manchurian Candidates have been leaking out into civilian

psychotherapy. So here we have, with all of this documentation,

all of this proof — we know that it is perfectly possible that

people we are seeing in therapy who are claiming to be victims of

systematic military mind-control experimentation are telling us

about what actually happened to them…

“We have a major disinformation campaign which has basically

fooled mental health professionals and the general public

concerning brain-washing, concerning LSD.

“Fortunately those are the only two examples in human history,”

Ross said with sarcasm. “This analysis does not apply to the

False Memory movement. There is no way it could conceivably be

possible, you will all agree, that there could not be any

nervousness in the Intelligence Community about Manchurian

Candidates spilling out into civilian psychotherapies and that a

disinformation program based on False Memories would be required.

It is obviously absurd.”

Ross continued his sarcasm, saying: “Nobody but a CIA conspiracy

nut would ever suggest that. I guarantee you that that thought

has never even crossed my mind until it just spontaneously

appeared at this moment.”

Then, after the laughter subsided, Ross resumed, in total

seriousness, speaking of the declassified documents from the

Atomic Energy Commission, alluding to the testimony before the

President’s Commission on Radiation at which victims of mind

control testified they had been experimented upon with

radioactive materials as children.

“This is no longer vague,” he said. “We know the specific names

of people, when they died, whether it was plutonium or whatever

was injected, the names of the doctors, the names of the medical

schools where it was done, it’s all keyed up for compensation,

the government has set up a whole compensation mechanism…”

Dr. Ross’ book, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Diagnosis,

Clinical Features, and Treatment of Multiple Personality is

scheduled for release by the publishers John Wiley and Sons,

N.Y., in December, 1996.

Journey Into Madness, by Gordon Thomas, was published in 1989 by

Bantam Books, NYC.


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