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launch vandenberg today 10-27-22 6.14PM

 So, today at sunset I see the missile heading up and overhead from Vandenberg AFB – another SpaceHEX thingy by the satanists. My right arm instantly shot toward it and the words just came out. In that instant, it stopped producing thrust and went as nothing…then…pieces of it started falling from the sky to the ground, I do not know where.

The smoke trail of the launch

It produced this rather large numeral 3 in the sky and a great SHOCK WAVE OF AN EXPLOSION TOOK PLACE. The house shook, windows rattled all over the place, dogs howling, and the kitties all hid under couches and the deck outside.

Kaboom, directly overhead.

This just happened 15 minutes ago.
They can’t hide this one. Pieces of it were visibly falling to earth, as the debris field moved past my house.
Yet another great day for humanity. And a big spanking to the satanic network. The gift is good, very good.Don

PS I just watched a few videos of it from the news services, and they all cut the footage right before it blew up. However, on each YT page that had the launch, many people mentioned the  explosion and pieces falling from the sky. Too many people saw it, Elon. Can’t hide this one, even though your fake as F MSM is already pretending to pretend that all was normal. 

The witness I had with me that saw the whole thing, saw the pieces falling to the ground after the explosion.