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La Palma update Kislev 12

Some thoughts to share. No doubts, you have some yourselves on this topic. Very good thoughts.

  • Can we know a difference this weekend from any other? 
  • Is the traffic heavier or lighter to be noticeable on the highways and freeways?
  • People going inland for a long weekend?
  • Are there tells, but we’re not just seeing them for what they are or mean?

With La Palma plugging up the pipe so dramatically without so much as a whimper or out gassing, or slowly dying down as they usually do…folks talk like its over. Except on La Palma. They radiate mass fear, from over there. Even their bravado is empty and hollow, they themselves not believing their bla bla. The Holy Spirit knows the truth. 

I cannot understand how so many folks can ignore what must be a great inner warning to seek real safety, OFF the island. And going to another island makes no sense. One goes, they ALL go. Tidal waves are funny like that. They’ve been given all week; don’t hear or see any exodus off the rock. 

Of course, many people cannot leave nor have the means to leave; same as most of us. Where we are is where we are. Even if you could, they’ve already closed down all the remote, camping regions of ALL the national forests in the US, except for tightly controlled tourist spots that a single locked gate shuts down. All forest roads out here have a big steel gate that would take a tank or bulldozer to remove and that’s on purpose. Gate up a few roads, close hundreds of thousands of acres of hinterlands from the citizens. That’s already done. So, where are you going to go, any of us? 

And they know it too. We don’t have islands or jets or helicopters. We have Christ. It’s all we really ever had anyways, so no news to us. 

Still, in many coastal countries, there must be someway to be off the coast until the event. The event will come. We do not know the date. Some Mondays are worse than other Mondays.

Okay then.


This morning. Quiet. Serene.