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Knowing the end

What’s happening in the UK and Europe is coming to America. Count on it. We are seeing our future there, soon to be HERE.
Tommy Robinson, again arrested for exposing the evil that has befallen his beloved England. Where thousands of young girls are gang raped—mostly between the ages of 10 to 13—every year. Where churches are burned down and nothing is said. Where roving gangs take over entire towns, villages, and cities to such a point of totality, that the police won’t go in them, calling them NO GO ZONES. These savage attacks and ruination of British communities is completely ignored by the UK government, top to bottom.
If you speak out about it…are a voice about it. God Help You.
Tommy is a voice. A voice they are and have been, trying to silence any way possible. He’s had several assassination attempts. The police constantly raid his home, hand cuff and throw his wife and daughters outside in the cold for hours as they ransack the house, and steal all cell phones and any computers. And, they are doing it to his extended family, mother, father, aunties and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins. The UK police constantly raid them all, brutalize them all, and harass them all.
All because Tommy writes articles decrying the evil sweeping over his country. I’ve tried to explain to him, but have been blocked, that the muslims were brought in by the satanists to do war against the remaining Christians in Europe. That’s the reason for open borders immigration. The witches have brought in the gunmen. The paid thugs. To do their dirty work.
And they have the perfect killers for the job. They don’t just kill you. They rape your daughters, burn down your cars and businesses, and take over the drug businesses and other illegal mob activities all with no push back from law enforcement, which are told to stand down. And they do. These jihadis have been given free reign to do what they will, against Christians. They know who the Christians are in every town, because—as has been proved—they setup surveillance cameras watching the parishioners come and go from Euro churches, have them followed, and their names and addresses added to a massive database, which is connected to all the other town jihadi gangs.
On May 25th, 2018. Tommy was standing across the street from a court building, doing a live facebook stream discussing the trial taking place where a gang of jihadis had gang raped a great many prepubescent girls. A trial, as it happened that took months and were either given outright release or small less than a year sentences for ruining, raping, drugging for weeks on end, and even murdering, dozens of young women not even old enough for middle school. In short, they were set free to get right back to gang raping.
2 hours. 120 minutes from arrest to arrival at the prison. No jury. No lawyers. No filing of charges. Just you are guilty and you are sentenced and take him away NOW.
That’s what they do in Great Britain when you expose their evil. They put you in a place that is filled with the worst murderers in the land, who will be paid or given privileges to kill you.
I understand and pray for Tommy often, being very aware of what courage he has and he, like me, has done his part in exposing this evil sweeping over his country.
I stay away from video. Mainly, my ego doesn’t need a camera on my face to put out the truth. So many run straight to video—it’s true, video is a great education tool, used wisely—but so many just like the attention and the message gets lost. It’s the message, not the messenger.
Tommy’s problems have been my problems for a very long time. Swat raids, assassination attempts, poisonings, being shot at with implant air guns, gang stalking for going on 30 years, you name it. In point of fact, I need hernia plasty for inguinal hernia and I’m expected to die on the operating table. The network has blocked the shipment of TWO different hernia trusses I need just to get around.
I’m just waiting for the date this all happens.
For Tommy, he’s in harm’s way NOW. Every minute he is in the darkest hole in all of Great Britain, is a minute he is most likely to be savagely murdered.
Other then tell me what my problem is, my GP doctor hasn’t said one word about this, what I need to be doing, eating, anything. Everything I’ve learned I’ve had to learn online. Any time I ask questions to lab technicians or doctors, they dummy up, saying nothing. Or being rude. Or telling me to go somewhere else. Every doctor I contact, says sure at first, then a few days later, backs out. Declines. Doesn’t want to know.
I’m being herded into one direction, where my killer is waiting. I know this.
Like Tommy, we both face death now. Maybe he’ll survive. Not likely. Every time they threw him in prison on trumped up charges—and they all were spurious, fact—he had multiple assassination attempts. Maybe I’ll survive. Sure. Maybe. Maybe the day, but not the surgery, eh doc?
So Tommy…I’m praying for you brother. You are the only voice in the whole of the damned island that is doing that thankless job. It has cost you your businesses, livlihood, family, friends, and your freedoms so very many times. I hope you make these 13 months alive. But the satanic sentencing using the death number – 13 – says it all. It’s the number for muerta, death. Watch out for the witches sabbath dates, they love doing murders on these days. June 22nd isn’t that far away.
For the both of us.
All love
Don Bradley 
I love the forest and lakes…very much so.