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Know that you are loved

New Moon over Ojai

Know that you are loved

by Don Bradley


This may help others, as it has helped me.

Jeremiah 24:7
And I will give them an heart to know me, that I am the LORD: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God: for they shall return unto me with their whole heart.

My relationship with our Father, the Creator and God of all this reality of our existence and ever will be, Yahuah, and his Son, Yeshua, is akin to that of a most loving dog that ever was. And not as some dumb animal as the snarkies will instantly declare. When I wake up, my first thoughts are of Him, who is part of myself, and also, is my family, and also my guide, and also Parents, and also my KING. For me, that is just a poor illustration of how to explain this simple, yet complex, reality of which is both a concept, beingness, and understanding, but also a complete reality beyond any doubt. Dad and my Savior are all that and much, much more.

When I think or speak to Dad, which is how I refer to our Creator to others (and so think within my own consciousness and heart) it is always with a child like loving sweetness, as I also, around the clock and every living second, have His presence in my heart, mind, being, and soul. It is something separate but also united with the dufus that is Don. It is both realities at once. When I think of Him, which is constantly, I get this gentle electric shock from the top of my head down through my spine. When I do a formal, “Dear Dad, or Hey Dad” communication as what one calls a “prayer,” like one might write a letter, I see these floating stars, quite bright and beautiful all around me, slowly drifting downward, like falling snow. This also happens when I sneeze, and I don’t know why that is.

I tell you all this to set up what is coming next, so you get a sense of this amazing relationship He gave me when I was 16 years old, during a church service in Memphis Tenn, that I wasn’t even interested in going to—but that’s a story for another day, and frankly, who cares. A relationship that He has demonstrated was always more than just faith, but actual physical plane events, by the thousands, that have no material explanation in the material world of evolution, number, weight, and measure. My spiritual life is quite private and precious to me, and I learned a long time ago to keep it that way. To share my daily was to invite hatred, resentment, and scorn. And, very often, open laughter in my face.

Whenever I express just a fraction of what my daily life is about, there are always the deniers, the doubters, the scorners, and snarky folks who have some kind of useless and weak pop psychology that explains that I am just a delusional fool living in some kind of self composed fantasy life. Because I always test all things, especially my own perceptions of reality, to make sure that reality is real, three weeks ago, upon rising, I went into my private chambers with Dad and prayed the following.

“Hey Dad? I have lived all these years with not only an amazing existence of the paranormal, the fantastic, the miraculous, and the divine—as you have given to me, I must know the truth of things. For not only do I love you dearly, but have dedicated my entire life to finding that straight path that leads to a closeness to you. As you know.

But what if this is all in my mind? What if what the other Christians—like the ones on the internet who have all turned to back on me, and call me crazy, who declare that such a reality is total bullshit, and that REAL Christianity is simply a thing of faith and anything deeper, closer, filled with eyes that see, a heart that knows, and a consciousness that perceives, is really just me projecting some weird, wishful fantasy reality upon myself and YOU. Which means I have been living a lie and that all these experiences are of my own fantastical creation. But how to explain the witnesses that see these things around me, too? Or the thousands of photographs that prove what I am experiencing is not just in my mind, but real? Am I delusional as well as under demonic blather? Then what about all that work exposing the demonic, the hundreds of satanic altars I destroyed over all those state, and exposing their darkest secrets? Is this all just some delusional plan of my own making and not your guidance, as you have guided with so many miracles that frankly, have kept me alive?

But beyond the blessings, as I see them, of these super dimensional experiences, my greatest concern is that I am somehow projecting upon YOU, my delusional fiction. That I have done this, believing what we have together is real, is more than I can stand. It would mean, that all these decades, my adoring love for you and my Savior Yeshua and what I have experienced, with 2 or more witnesses that always seemed to be around to confirm I wasn’t just under some kind of psychotic break with reality, as a terrible fantasy that you have had to put up with.

That I have ever brought anything but the truth of myself before your feet, or even the possibility of that, is just more than I can bear. My shame is too much, if it is true, that this relationship and the mystical realm of seeing dimensionally as you’ve allowed me to have, is really just some kind of huge schizophrenic nonsense as others say it is. And you know what they are saying about me.

Dad, when I even tell others about what we have and show them the pics of your divine reality that are even just a fraction of that, they all roll their eyes, start patronizing me with snarky smirks, and turn their backs on me. And many of them are big guys on the internet and have written many books about the spiritual Holy Word, though it seems mostly from the level of the mundane, the physical and nothing to really do with the world of spirit.

What if it is even worse, what if, as so many claim, I am possessed which is what most of the “Christians” say about the articles I write, the proof I provide, and the witnesses I say exist because as you know, THEY DO EXIST and can be examined. Though no one seems to want to go there.

So, here is my request. If I am delusional as stated, reveal it to me, in such a way, that only I will know and understand your answer. If our close and loving relationship, which you add to with all these gifts of seeing the world of spirit, and the many other gifts you have provided, that most do not know about, as instructed, then show me that too.

I must know the truth, Dad. If I am deluded or under some kind of satanic spell, I beg you, reveal this to me so I can, with your help, fix my life. A life lived because of the love you have given as well as all this other amazing things I have always known were of you. For you always signed your work, even with me.

But…but…if I am wrong on this and my mind is just a mess of wishful junk, please oh please, answer this prayer and show me the truth of things.

Is our loving relationship real with all you give over or has it all just been me, and my life a waste.

I beg you. Please. Amen.”

Then I went about the day. It was the sabbath 3 weeks ago, and my sons were all here for BBQ and a visit and I was very busy being the attentive, joyful dad happy to have his boys about for chats, food, and fellowship.

About 3:00pm, we were all outside having lunch on the patio and Mike, our black and white cat, came up to Nathan, jumped up into his arms and started purring so loud that it stopped all conversation. Nathan began holding him in his arms, as you would a new born, and Mikey just looked up into his eyes with such adoration and love, that all 7 of us, stopped what we were doing and were completely captivated by the symbiotic exchange. The expression of love between them was of such a degree, that one of son Nick’s friend, Andrew, was just staring in amazement and said, “I have never seen anything in my life like that.” Most of us agreed.


We couldn’t take our eyes off of the two. It was amazing, like some special blessing of divine love, beyond just a guy and cat, was going off. It was so strong that everyone could feel it and was openly saying as much. And it was amazing…none of us, HAD ever seen such a thing. Sure, we’ve all seen cats and domestics being given love and attention by us humanoids. But this was on a completely different level. The traffic down the road, which we can always hear, seemed to fade into silence. It was just a mesmerizing group witnessing of a one off event of sublime love that was totally off the charts.

At the height of that moment, with all our mouths hanging open as you do when you see something that impresses the inner soul as to amaze, I clearly heard in my heart and soul,

This is us, my Son. And our love is so much more.

It was all I could do to hold back the tears.

I said nothing, but slowly sat down in a chair.

And that is how it is with Dad; he answers my prayers pretty darn fast, usually same day and in ways no one could plan, fake, or explain away with a bunch of empty mambo-jumbo.

This is shared, unlike my usual policy of keeping my spiritual relationship and life private, as Dad put forward the idea that this whole event, truthfully given over, including all my failings as a soul, would serve some purpose to others out there in the world. I think I understand what that purpose is, but to presume it in writing is to presume how each of you will receive it. 

I’m quite aware that the enemies of Christ will have every hateful and scornful thing to say. That’s to be expected from a group of people who kidnap, rape, torture and murder children. But there are those who Dad has yet to call in this life and those who are baptized and saved, and yet may need whatever this experience has to give them, whatever that might be.

Yahua’s blessing be upon you all. Yeshua is the way, the path, and the life…that leads to not only salvation and freedom, BUT TRUE LOVE.

For some of us, it’s all we have or ever will have.

Don Bradley