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Juicing for the digestive system

Juicing for the digestive system

Digestive system


Abdominal pain caused by excess gas and acid owing to fermentation and putrefaction of improperly combined foods.

Carrot (10 oz), beet (3 oz) and cucumber (3 oz) juice: this blend of juices is very rich in the organic alkalizing elements sodium, potassium and phosphorus; neutralizes acid, helps expel gas, promotes peristalsis; 2 pints daily.

Yogurt: benefits all forms of indigestion: restores friendly intestinal bacteria: soothes inflamed intestinal lining; 6-8 oz daily.

Spinach (bulk or juice): detoxifies digestive tract; restores pH balance; soothes intestinal inflammation; promotes peristalsis; must be taken raw, either in salad, or as 6 oz juice mixed with 10 oz carrot juice, 1-2 pints daily.

Other beneficial foods: zucchini, raw tomatoes, raw apples (on empty stomach), dark grapes.

Foods to avoid: pasteurized milk, cooked eggs, overcooked meats, refined sugars and starches.