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John McAfee Vows Revenge On “Enemies” Who “Tried To Poison Me”

McAfee is a maverick who often has gone against the grain on wall street and in other areas. He doesn’t toe the PC line, mainly. His Anti virus software was the first of its kind and until he was bought out by a front company of INQTEL (wholly owned by the CIA), it was pretty dang good. After he sold his company, it became one big BACKDOOR, for the agencies and big government.

Out spoken and not a member of the tribe, they hated him. Hate him, in fact. He has had everything thrown at him, yet here he is. Real, not fake agency entrepreneurs, respect him for his achievements, and he’s had a tough go at what should have been easy street after his many successes.

He’s not crazy. Sure, given the endless attacks, he’s acquired some anger issues. As one does when their heart needs what Dad has to give. he often blurts out some pretty wild stuff from time to time, without thinking through how his words make him appear or affect those around him and in the world. Just means he still has some soul growth ahead of him. A great deal in fact. But a fake agency cutout like Holms, Musk, and Fuckerberg…no…those MKultra creations couldn’t originate if their soul depended upon it. they simply follow the day’s script. You can see them reading from que cards. McAfee shoots from hip, often misses, but is a no BS kind of guy.

I understand and feel for him. Like him, I’ve been shot, poisoned 3 times, and had my life and home taken no less than 5 times in 30 years, including my livelihoods. Like him, I’ve been homeless 4 times. And you name it, they’ve done it to me.

And now he is recovering from the latest dirt nap job. Understand completely.

People often tell me to keep my mouth shut. Actually, won’t change a thing and there are so very few of us keeping the flow of real information open and since 1995, in my case. he didn’t start telling it real until 2003, and sporadically. At least that’s something. He is more famous, however.

I’m just more infamous. Among the covens and satanic network-countless strangers have expressed flabbergastery surprise to find me in front of them, revealing they know who I am. A difference of degrees, but at the end, who can really say. For me, bringing the core truth of whatever issue is the thing, is the very best way to serve Dad and to love YOU long time. Like the Monty P guys, I’m a pretty silly person, in person, but hey, humor is funny as hell. I prefer it.

Don Bradley


Update: It appears John McAfee has a suspect in mind and is offering a reward for details…

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John McAfee’s “enemies” recently tried to poison him, the cybersecurity pioneer claims. However, John McAfee isn’t as easy to kill as his myriad “enemies” had hoped. To help drive this point home, the creator of the eponymous computer security software tweeted an alarming picture of himself lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube affixed to his mouth.
His tweet came accompanied with a warning to the unnamed parties who allegedly carried out the attack: “You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath.”

I know exactly who you are.” So if you or somebody you know was behind this latest alleged attempt on McAfee’s life (he has reportedly been the subject of 11 attempts on his life, along with a “conspiracy” by Belize authorities that he was framed in the death of a neighbor while living in the tropical South American state) be wary: McAfee is coming for you.
This isn’t the first time McAfee has been in the news this week: the tech entrepreneur tweeted earlier this week that he would no longer be promoting ICOs due to a warning from the SEC, which has lately been cracking down on celebrity endorsements of the often dubious ICOs. But according to RT, McAfee has been promoting Docademic, which is focused on “reshaping the medical world.” He credited the company with urging him to seek medical assistance after his latest poisoning. It appears he made a quick recovery, as he followed up news of his poisoning with a tweet announcing his new crypto wallet.

The “doctors said no” when McAfee asked to leave the hospital. But he checked himself out anyway, it appears.

Update 3: It appears Mr McAfee is recuperating well from his near-death poisoning experience…

Update  2: That did not take long. McAfee now claims to know the identity of the motorcyclist and “I want him” explaining that he is a “wanted sex trafficker.”

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Update 1: It appears John McAfee has a suspect in mind and is offering a reward for details…

 source zerohedge

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4chan is already on the case. awesome.

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