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Jim Stone reveals he and his wife are scientologists.

Satanists. The worst kind. 

As revealed in previous articles, scientologists do HUGE MKULTRA for the intelligence agencies of the world. From the CIA to Mossad. The worst sites of public evil soaked in blood are scientology HQs. And SEA ORG. Among other branches.

It’s on his site. But here it is.



Disaster has struckClaudia threw me out because I busted her for stealing documents from the Church of Scientology, and more.

This is the first time I have actually been able to work since the Jews poisoned me. My body is not back completely but day by day it is getting better and right now there is nothing holding my mind back for the first time since the poisoning happened.

HOW DID THE JEWS GET A CHANCE TO POISON ME?? HERE IS HOW: Things went completely south after Claudia’s thyroid surgery. If things are not managed perfectly after thyroid surgery, it is possible to go crazy and Claudia did. And the type of crazy is 100 percent of mind available, with absolutely no moral base to hold it together.

We have a daughter. We both agreed to keep her secret, but now that Claudia is on a warpath I am going to have to mention that Claudia and I had a beautiful daughter together. She was in scouts. And when Claudia went in for surgery I wrote a letter to both of her den mothers, saying how important they were to her and that if Claudia died, they should realize that. Claudia found a copy of that letter and immediately accused me of cheating with them, (crazy, it was no such letter) but she went off her rocker . . . .

So she’s a scientologist and she started going into the church to do huge writeups about how bad I am and I went in and responded. My responses were DIVINE and the person handling the case landed on MY SIDE, HARD. Claudia kept trying and I kept responding and it kept landing on my side, HARD. That pissed Claudia off to no end . . . . . . we stopped talking. I stayed in my office. Claudia then started backstabbing the hell out of me with the family. She knew the scientology church was not buying her sht so she started associating with christian churches, including the one the scouts were under, and screwed their heads on backwards which was easy when they did not know our history and how much I did for Claudia.

The next thing that made things worse was we decided to sell the land that everyone who has read this site for a while knows we had. I made payments on that for five years and there was a lot of equity. I told Claudia to list it for 650,000 pesos and let it sit that way for a few months because that was below list value enough so that it would sell, we did not need to drop it more. After ONE WEEK she dropped it to $450,000 “because it was not selling” and obviously we got 3 solid offers in one day and it was GONE. That pissed me off to no end.

We had already agreed in advance that we were going to pay off the visas and a signature loan with a portion of the money from the land. So we paid EVERYTHING down to absolute zero, with no debt owed anywhere. And we discovered the signature loan terms were changed without us knowing (but we paid it anyway). So I started hunting for the original loan, AND DISCOVERED THAT CLAUDIA STOLE A LARGE NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS FROM THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. It was a SERIOUS offense. I turned them in, and the administration was in shock. The papers, when stolen, helped her advance. That’s why she did it. The papers, when found, were enough to get her expelled. So she double triple quadruple FLIPPED OUT. Add to that the fact that she took 100 percent of the remainder of the land money and hid it “for her security” and why would she need that???? Well . . . . .

The final nail was when Claudia started snooping everything I had and found a note I wrote that mentioned she gave me VD in 2017. She did. She cheated and that’s how I found out. But that’s so common in Mexican culture that I blew it off, two other marriages in the same family had cheaters and I was like, “I don’t need to open this can of worms” and conveniently I found a VD cure pack right on top in the medicine drawer that I never bought. That cured it. When she found that note she went blind with rage saying “No one in the family is going to see that or know that” and I said “I never gave that to anyone” but that was IT. She kicked me out of the house with NOTHING except a satchel I happened to be carrying at 6 AM on a Sunday morning.

When she kicked me out, she said: You are going to be a deadbeat. You will have no money, no access to Michelle, and EVERYONE will know you abandoned her. And everyone will know that you left me in ruin, that you ran up my credit cards and left them maxxed out (that’s bullshit, I paid them to zero countless times and SHE NEVER, EVER EVER in 10 DAMN YEARS made a credit card payment, that was MY JOB and for the last two years during the cancer, claudia had no income at all!!! who kept it together?? WHO???) but you know, when you’re blackballing someone every lie works.

So the day before I noticed something came in to my cell phone but I did not see what it was. The next day I found out. It was a tracking bug, and Claudia did the silliest thing with it, she, after brainwashing the scout leadership, had them chase me all over town with that damn bug. It was a filthy one that jumped into a tablet and small laptop I had in the satchell also, so even after I smashed the cell phone on a brick wall, (damn batteries you cannot take out) they were still ALL OVER me everywhere I went. I left the laptop and tablet with Claudia’s brother and that was the end of that. And I mocked her: Never use the Scouts to do the NSA’s job. They were stupid obvious.

So the Jews caught on to what was going on fairly quickly.

I bought another laptop so I could continue working on the site, and that got nailed by the same bug damn near instantly. It was hopeless. That is why the site went to hell, because I was struggling to get devices that worked. She gave the bug out to so many people that all the laptop was doing was updating people on where I was, so much that it was constantly frozen. And another cell phone bit the dust the same way. BIG TROUBLE. AND THE JEWS CAUGHT ON.

So on the morning of day 3 of this mess, I got poisoned by a jew that made a coffee for me. It kicked my ass. For a whole week all I did was lay in the weeds and moan. I was too financially wiped out for a hotel, and I have been outside trying to find shelter wherever possible ever since.

Claudia has the house, 2 cars, and ALL my posessions. ALL OF THEM. Clothes, EVERYTHING and I am sure she’ll lie about the circumstances. But clearly, IF I ABANDONED HER, I WOULD AT LEAST HAVE BEEN SMART ENOUGH TO TAKE ONE OF THE CARS, WITH A FEW GOODIES, RIGHT????

I did not abandon F### ALL. Her lies are so transparent but you know, they’ll probably work. And she did it probably because she’s going through a crazy spell without her thyroid, PLUS because she obviously cannot calculate consequences and that she’ll be homeless in a couple months also if she destroys me, all because she wants to save face and tell things her way after all that trouble from those stolen documents, and a note she’s paranoid about.

And by the way, the shit she’s sending people about “how I abandon wives” is nothing but a load of BS, Yes, I have been divorced twice but neither of them wrote anything bad at all. They put NOTHING online. What is online is pure backstabbing bullshit written by people who never met me at all. People who absolutely hated my web sites. And she knew ALL OF THAT right away, in the beginning of the relationship 10 years ago, I HID NOTHING. But she can get sympathy if it is all a “new discovery”!!

At least I got my mind back after that poisoning. Hopefully the rest of my health will follow.