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Jihadist has been sentenced to life behind bars after he smashed his landlady over the head with a phone before strangling her to death with its cable.

The man, identified only as Abubaker C, was convicted of murder which was described as being religiously motivated after he stated he considered her to be an “infidel”.
Judges in the courthouse of Heilbronn, a city in the south-western German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, found the 27-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker guilty of brutally killing his landlady, a 70-year-old woman named only as Maria M.
He carried out the attack on the pensioner as she slept in a spare room, having moved out of her own bedroom because of her husband’s snoring problem in the home they shared in the town of Bad Friedrichshall.
German police at the home of the murdered ladyCEN

Police investigating at the house where the murder happened

Investigators were easily able to link the man to the crime after they discovered his DNA all over the murder scene, prosecutors said.
After the attack, the murderer fled the scene, stealing a number of the woman’s items, including her mobile phone as well as money and jewellery.
When police caught up with him, they seized his possessions including his diary, in which he had written: “It’s payback time.”