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Irrational and stunted behavior

It seems I have to post this every so often, so here goes.

It may occur to some of you who write me that I have a life, children to raise, and things to do. So, sending me hate-filled emails because you didn’t get an answer from me the same day you sent it, is more than stunted, it’s the sign of a soured mind and heart that is looking for any reason to ATTACK in the first place.
Oh, and since when did I ever become some kind of answer machine for the world?
But, as most of these attacks come from the same group of people they have always come from, I literally sit back and wait…how many emails before they show their real side to me? One, two? Ten?
And then whammo! Here it comes, the attack. I didn’t answer fast enough, because I was out a few days or was so over booked with stuff, I pushed off dealing with emails until I felt like it. They day has yet to come when I have ever done this to someone, especially a total stranger.
So, if hate lingers in your heart and the network has sent you, all you will get is prayer for your recovery back into the human race. Maybe one day you will.
Anything’s possible.