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India bans RS1000 and RS500 cash notes – CASHLESS INDIA

Only RS100 bills can be used – about 80 cents US. Not much. This is creating an instant wealth and currency crisis in India. People WILL NOT be able to take in their existing bills, they are now null and void. It has and is, wiping out millions of families. The most being allowed for conversion is 60 dollars US. After that, any monies above that amount are now instantly WORTHLESS.

97% of the Indian economy is cash-based. With 88% of all outstanding currency no longer usable, the economy is coming to a standstill. This is Cyprus ten times over –  they just haven’t realized it yet.

Welcome to the Mark of the Beast System, the EBT card for everyone.

Wiped out and go F yourself, India…

Prime Minister of India – flunky does what he is told by the IMF or India gets the Venezuela treatment.