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In July, the U.S. economy lost more than a million jobs versus June according to the raw data. As is often the case, “Seasonal adjustments” by government economists turned far from stellar data into “good news.”

…a million jobs

The Hildebeast and Bath house Barry insist the economy is awesome. For who? Vetted network assets who get living wage bureaucrat jobs? For agency cutouts fronting local businesses for the intelligence apparatus? 

For everyone else, jobs that paid a living wage have been sent overseas and to Mexico, leaving Americans who work blue collar to underbid the illegals we all see working construction, auto repair, road work, and manufacturing. If your white, forget about it. The meme of our time is NOT to hire you because of your “privilege” – being unemployed, poor, and not LGBTFCKO is not privileged, it’s being screwed over by the new Sodomite Amerika.

What are the consequences for all of this reliance on fudged data completely manipulated by a tiny group of bankers with a dubious (and corrupt) track record governing their money.

With open lies like these being foisted daily upon us, it’s no wonder the average man and woman have little idea of the shite storm that is heading their way, about to wipe their world out and turn the west into Venezuela and Greece all rolled into one.

No idea...

The Gold Standard…no inflation, a solid savings rate, and jobs for anyone who wanted to work. And, jobs paid a living wage. You might not get rich, BUT YOU NEVER WENT INTO DEBT JUST TO SURVIVE EITHER.