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IF you want to see the near future of the west, watch Cuba and South Africa

The MSM and Sniffy’s gang of demonic whores have declared this just rioting over freedom from oppression. However, people in both countries all have the same story.

We woke up and the banks had seized all our money out of all private citizens accounts and have turned off the supply chain. All the same day.

Cuba and South Africa have steadfastly refused the vax weapon. This is their punishment.

But either way, they’re going to do it. Whether you let them murder you or not, they are still going to seize accounts and turn off the food, gas, banking.

And what do we see?

Total anarchy and death on every corner.

It’s what they wanted with the weapon and couldn’t get it; like they could only get 6% of the population in America to kill themselves and hybrid up into GMO people. So, they turn off the trucks and pumps, seize ALL THE MONEY and they get the same results. Only this way, it’s a mess that everyone can see and you eventually  lose the cities and towns, as they burn to the ground.

These nephilim devils created this with the flick of the digital world switch.

Going digital and trusting the banks turns out to be a HUGE mistake. 

For us all.