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‘I lost everything’: Homeless man’s distress heard in court as ‘cruel’ lesbian feminist, 23, who URINATED ON HIM then helped a friend BURN his bedding is jailed for four months(7 Pics) SUSPENDED SENTENCE

Lesbian skank-with other skanks, goes about beating up homeless men and posts pictures on social media, laughing about it
A ‘cruel’ arsonist has been jailed after urinating on a homeless man’s possessions before she and a friend set them alight.
Shocking CCTV footage shows Nicola King and her lover Jerely Evans talking to Roy Ransom – who had been sleeping rough outside shops on a busy city center high street – before King urinates on his bedding.
After the sick act 23-year-old King gave a lighter to Evans, who set fire to Mr Ransom’s belongings, destroying ‘literally everything he owns’.
The sick pair can then be seen on the footage walking away laughing as smoke started to billow from the bedding.
Jailing King for four months, district judge Anthony Calloway branded her ‘cruel’ for her part in the arson .
Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court, Hants, heard the pair had initially been ‘nice’ to Mr Ransom and gave him £5 for a drink, however they soon became rude and he walked away from them. No such money was given. they dumped their drinks on his head, shouting curses at him for being a white male. Gosh, their fathers were white males, is that what they do when they visit mum and dad?
CCTV played in court showed Evans, 25, trying for several minutes to set light to the bedding using a lighter on April 9 this year, while King watched on and held her bag.
After successfully setting fire to the possessions, the women are then seen walking away laughing together.
The court heard King also urinated on Mr Ransom’s bedding during the incident in Portsmouth.
I ask and pray our father turn His Face against these witches

Men hating dykes committing hate crimes
Evans and King, both from the area, admitted arson. Evans was also jailed for four months at an earlier hearing.
In a statement read to the court, Mr Ransom said: “I’m homeless , everything I own was in the doorway and now most of it is gone.
“I can’t stress how how gutted and sad I am for this loss.
“I have literally lost everything I own, I have no bedding, blankets, all of it has been destroyed.”
Bull dyke urinates on man and possessions, laughing and in public

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The nasty skanks claimed in court THEY WERE THE VICTIMS, until CCTV proof revealed the truth. As usual, these so called women used the poor defenseless me defense, until their lies were exposed. They are suspecting of committing dozens of similar crimes by a group – a coven – who attack men publicly with acid, knives, and other means.

Addressing King, who wept in the dock, judge Mr Callaway said: “You and the co-defendant both approached Mr Ransom. “It was you who abused him, it was you who urinated on his property, it was you who put items of his in a bin, on not one but two occasions. “As far as the arson is concerned it’s perfectly obvious to me that both of you, both of you, have perpetrated that cruel act on a vulnerable, isolated gentleman.”
Being Jewish, they were given suspended sentences…because, hey, they are women and therefore victims. That was their defense, they are holocaust survivor children and all that BS and women, and should be let off. The judge agreed.

These disgusting monsters are out free doing what they do. Hating whitey, promoting Islam, and practicing witchcraft and human-animal sacrifice.