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‘I Have 3,000 Patients Who Have Been Abandoned’: Doctor Speaks Out After License Suspended for Attending Trump Rally

Oregon doctor loses license after appearing at Trump rally. Photo from YouTube.

Dr. Steve LaTulippe is a family physician in Dallas, Ore., who specializes in pain management that bypasses reliance on opioids. He has practiced family medicine at his small-town clinic for over 20 years with what he describes as a spotless record with the Oregon Medical Board. So it came as quite a shock to him when the medical board suspended his license to practice medicine over a viral video of his speech at a Stop the Steal rally on November 7. Now, Dr. LaTulippe is sounding the alarm over the consequences of exercising his First Amendment rights, and how politics has led him to be targeted by the government and the medical establishment.

In an exclusive interview with PJ Media, Dr. LaTulippe revealed how the Oregon Medical Board compiled false information on him over a period of several months, but only after the video of his speech went viral did they shut down his medical practice, calling it an imminent danger to the public. “I was not only censored, but I had my livelihood taken away from me because of attending a Trump rally,” he said. “I have 3,000 patients who have been abandoned by the Oregon Medical Board.”