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I can confirm that the supply chain stories are A TOTAL LIE

 Bloomberg, Yahoo and more are running reports today stating that “everything from Chicken to computer chips” is in short supply. Canada and the U.S. are afflicted with this. And it is all a HOAX.

Lumber is through the roof, cars are not being made because of a chip shortage and store shelves are bare . . . . . . . folks, this is all manufactured and I can prove it.

Meat prices in the Mexican chains have not budged a single percent. Not at all. They are the same as ever. All the car lots are full, and all models from all manufacturers are there. There is not one bare spot on a single store shelf anywhere. And in fact, prices are plummeting because China kicked it up a notch and and is blowing out amazing products for nothing. For example, I bought Claudia a medical grade otoscope that is like a long pen that she can shove down her throat and get updates on problems by getting a close look, the picture quality is absolutely amazing, and it cost $20. It is all metal, medical grade. How can this be the case if Bloomberg and others are not lying? They are.

Everything is in the Mexican stores, from a huge variety of bicycles to weight sets to all types of clothes, all cleaning supplies, everything you could imagine is there and stocked deep. All varieties of televisions and tech devices too. Nothing is missing. And at Home Depot, ALL THE PRICES ARE NORMAL, even the lumber.

Americans are getting played. I guess it is time for another stroll through the stores in Mexico, showing everything stacked and packed.

Jim Stone