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How to tell if someone famous died from the vaccine

This isn’t a definitive methodology, but it usually gets the right answer.

Telltale signs include:

  1. Person was recently vaccinated.
  2. Company the person works for recently enforced vaccination or face job loss.
  3. The person is young with no health conditions.
  4. The cause of death is not revealed or unknown (or is cardiac arrest, bleeding in the brain, and other low-probability events that don’t fit the person’s history).
  5. The press describes the death using terms like unexpectedly, sudden death, left this world abruptly, tragic loss, unexplained death, etc.
  6. Readers are cautioned “please refrain from reporting rumors and speculative reports”
  7. The fact that the person was recently vaccinated is always omitted from the news story.
  8. If you do a twitter search with the person’s name and “vaccine” you get lots of hits
  9. The first thing you see is “she absolutely did not die from the vaccine!!”
  10. The company/family denies that the vaccine caused it without supplying any evidence to back it up
  11. The cause of death was consistent with a vaccine death (which can happen within 6 months of the last shot) which is a huge range of neurological, cardiovascular, or immunological symptoms

Is there a single company in America that has figured out that mandating the vaccine is killing people and will openly admit it?