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Hillary is not only really, really ill, but in fact deathly ill. Who the hell is her VP?

We need to find out pretty fast, because the walking corpse won’t make it. That means, once they get Bernie shuffled through election night, they can then dump her in a potter’s field somewhere in Little Rock. That puts TIM in the big chair and no one knows a thing about this guy.

He’s a total nobody…

They can use doubles to get Hitlary elected, but that won’t carry for four years. No way. She’ll go by Pulmonary embolism coupled with thrombosis. Finish…

And no amount of eating sacrificed babies will take the curse off of her. Lesbian witches take note… The Hildebeast has too many failing endocrine systems plus two types of heart conditions all going at once. And Bubble Head boy cannot save her. And he knows it.

So who is Tim what’s his name? We need to find out fast, because one way or another, they’ll drag the corpse across the finish line.

The Hildebeast

Photo: This is not Hillary Clinton

Meet Teresa Barnwell, Hillary Clinton’s impersonator.
Barnwell, a huge Hillary Clinton fan, is a much thinner and shorter version of Clinton.
Barnwell took to Twitter yesterday to address stories of Clinton’s body double seen outside Chelsea Clinton’s apartment: https://twitter.com/teresa_barnwell/status/775109574940581889https://twitter.com/teresa_barnwell/status/775111318550437888 Barnwell didn’t help her case when she tweeted the photograph suggesting there’s a possibility she was in NYC. The Twittersphere was already buzzing with comments about how different Clinton looked just hours after having a seizure and being dragged into a van. https://twitter.com/JennAmyMoore/status/775141811950157824 Below is size comparison of Hillary after alleged seizure and before:

A skank by any other name, right Huma?

Close-up of Clinton outside daughter’s apartment:
https://twitter.com/AndrewsHarley/status/775176935198560256 Before and after photograph:
Some even went as far as putting a side by side comparison photograph of Hillary at memorial and the Hillary at Chelsea’s apartment:
Some have suggested Clinton carrying her purse on a different shoulder was a dead giveaway that the Hillary Clinton at the 9/11 memorial and the Hillary Clinton at Chelsea Clinton’s apartment were not the same person. The photograph on the left shows Hillary at the memorial carrying purse on her left shoulder. The right photograph shows purse on her right shoulder.
Below is footage showing Clinton with full blown pneumonia embracing a child like nothing happened: If Hillary really has pneumonia like her doctor says, it was criminally retarded idea to embrace the child.